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Jul 14, 2008 09:12 AM

Coal Region suggestions?

We'll be in the Shamokin area for a couple of weeks, close to Knoebel's Grove amusement park. Always looking for good regional and ethnic specialties. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. This time of year look for church picnics/fire hall carnivals that happen every weekend for regional and ethnic specialties - potato pancakes, halushki, peroigi, soupies. Food at Knoebels is not typical amusment park food - nor is it expensive. Alamo has good family meals - turkey, liver, chicken and waffles. THe rest of the park has quite an assortment - great pizza at Cesaries. Enjoy your trip.

    1. Mattucci's Willow Cafe in Mount Carmel, (570) 339-9941, has excellent northern Italian specialties, plus great pasta and pizza. The bread is to die for. I go back here again and again. Reservations are a must on weekends. In Shamokin, don't miss the Coney Island on Independence Street, just down from the Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library. The two ladies who have run it for the last, oh, 40 years, have two items on the menu: Coney Island hotdogs and Coney Island hamburgers. It never changes, and never should.

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        It is not too far of a drive but I love Danny's Drive In at 630 S. Hoffman Drive in Ashland. Ask for a double thick malted milkshake and a burger and life is good! If there is a rainy day, it's a good place to visit along with the Pioneer Coal Tunnel in Ashland.

      2. Marrone's in Girardville is excellent. Bu sure to try thier hot sauce on the pizza. Italian dishes are great too!

        1. I definitely second going to Matucci's in Mt. Carmel. We have been visiting Knoebel's for 30 years and wouldn't think of not capping off the day at Matucci's. If you go on Friday evenings only, they do an eggplant parmesan that nearly made me cry, being an eggplant parm junkie. It is the best I ever had, and my friend who used to own an Italian restaurant was also in awe of this dish. Plan on having extra to take home, the portion is huge. Also the prices are quite reasonable. This is the real deal.

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            Back from the Coal Region. We called two days ahead for reservations at Matucci's for 8 PM on a Friday. We arrives at five til eight, and finally got seated at 9:15. Slow, slow service, screaming toddler at the next table, extremely noisy crowd at another table, decent salad, overcooked, tasteless entree' (saltimbocca romano). We'll look elsewhere next year.