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Jul 14, 2008 09:03 AM

"Key Ingredient Market" - hummus, chili, soups

Key Ingredient Market is a small chef-owned company in North Bergen. He is selling at NJ farmers markets everyday. I've been buying his products at the Red Bank farmers market.

He makes hummus, chili, soups, pestos, spreads.

The hummus is excellent... it's the only packaged hummus that I've ever liked. Great texture, very fresh tasting. I've tried the garlic hummus (yum VERY garlicky) and the roasted red pepper hummus.
The chili is very good. It's ground beef beef with beans, with a fresh bright flavor.

Product list:
Framer's market schedule;

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  1. He also make a terrific spicy relish. It is very versatile; a great topper on Brie and other creamy cheeses as well as a a wonderful glaze for grilling.