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Jul 14, 2008 09:01 AM

All Clad French Skillet vs. Fry Pan

working on the registry...

I haven't actually seen the french skillet in person but was curious what the difference is between the french skillet and the fry pan. It appears that the french skillet has higher sides. Is this an advantage over the fry pan?

I have a cast iron for the only things I could see us doing w/ the fry pan is sauteeing veggies basically....should I go for the 10" fry pan or the 11" french skillet? I thought the french skillet might have a bit of an edge over the fry pan - am I correct?

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  1. The French skillet cost less, has more bottom surface area for the size, and will keep the food better in the pan if you toss your food in it. It doesn't have the rim though that the frypan has, but these pans aren't used often for pouring much liquid anyway. The 11" skillet is a more useful size than the 10" frypan IMHO. The bottom area of the 11" skillet is about that of the 12" frypan, although the edges flair out more. You might also add the 9" skillet at some later time if you need to make smaller amounts.

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    1. re: blondelle

      thanks Blondelle! I was going to register for 10" and 12" fry pan but then realized the french skillets appeared bigger with a higher edge - totally registering for the 11" and I LOVE that its cheaper over the fry pan.

      My fiancee likes to make a mess and pretend he's a cook and flips food so the edges will help keep sauteed mushrooms & onions from scattering - THANK YOU!

      (if only there was something to help a messy cook of a fiance) :-p

      1. re: sarawithanh

        I just bought the 11'" All-Clad French skillet, it is a nice pan and the lid is beautiful. The one thing I don't understand is the angle of the handle. The handle is too steep to be comfortable. What is the purpose of such a steep handle?

        1. re: schellter

          Also bought the 11" skillet. I have the 10" nonstick for eggs. The flared rims of the fry pan are great for serving an omelet or pouring off grease, but for everything else, the French Skillet is superior. The higher sides are better for searing meat, fish etc., not to mention the 11" gives more surface area without quite going all the way to the 12" inch fry pan (which gets a little big for most household cabinets and stovetops). Which brings me to the handle. I assume the angled handle has more to do with the international, or "French" style than anything else. However, I find that the steeper rake of the handle makes it fit in my cupboard more neatly. I also find that the pan balances better this way. All-Clad is great for the overall engineering of their cookware, including the length and rake of the handles relative to the pan -- and if there is anything that justifies the price its this.