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Jul 14, 2008 08:24 AM


One evening in OKC later this week...

I like drive ins, BBQ, dives, diners etc...local food... no chains...what is my best bet?

From Connecticut... Bobby Murcer forever!

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  1. OK, you're a Yankees' fan. That's allowed in moderation in Oklahoma since the Mick came from there. Look for his statue outside Bricktown Ballpark.

    OKC is big on onionburgers. That's probably the area's biggest contribution to cuisine. Check for specific places. Mostly in El Reno.

    The Cattlemen's Steakhouse in the Stockyards DIstrict is a classic, dark-paneled place where cowboys and oilmen "do bidness."

    Plenty of other threads featuring OKC.

    Someone named "sodagirl" might be interested in the new Pops place (in or near Edmond, I believe) that supposedly sells billions of kinds of soda.

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        Sodagirl, Rarely would I recommend a hamburger place as a Chowhound destination but the Theta Burger at Johnnies is the best burger I have found in the entire U.S. Their onion rings are also world class. I crave both and have found nothing to compare anywhere else.

      2. re: sigerson57

        My in-laws live in OKC and I am periodically overwhelmed with jealousy thinking about them eating at Earl's. It's a BBQ place, and it is really, really good. They have a couple of outlets around town.

      3. Soadgirl: if burgers are what you crave.. go to RONS hamburger and chili at NW 49th and May avenue in the Mayfair shopping center tucked away in the corner. My personal favorite is the sausage cheesburger.. patty of 1/2 sausage half ground beef too big to eat with your hands.. and if your really hungry.. have the Sausage Chili Cheeseburger.. same as before with chili poored over the top of it BUn and all. the loaded fries are awesome as well. cant go wrong.