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Jul 14, 2008 07:19 AM

Zot Restaurant

Has anyone been here?

Im thinking about trying it out this week when Ill be in the city and usually go to Eulogy, Sansom Oyster, and Buddakan which are my regular favorites.

I love places with great food and great beer options (ie Eulogy, Standard Tap)
Would you recommend I hit Zot or something different to try out?

Thanks for any information.

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  1. Never been to Zot but the Sansom St. Oyster House closed. I'm sad since I loved their happy hour deals. I've heard that Zot is hit or miss.

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    1. re: phillyjules

      Wow. Really? That is a shame. I guess I wont be going back there but Ive always thought that was a great find.

      Loved hitting Nodding Head upstairs and shooting down for some oysters and great seafood. Did SOH move or just shut doors?

      1. re: yankeefan

        The original owner is out and the building owners will be re-opening it. Not sure when.

    2. Zot is fairly good. I've been twice and the second time I got the all-you-can-eat mussels on Monday night (cash only). Not sure if they are doing that anymore. Lots of sauces to choose from. It's cool place. Worth a look if you have already done Eulogy. If you haven't done Monks or Bishops Collar, try those too.

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      1. re: juice

        I've been to ZoT twice, both times were good. SSOH is supposed to re-open under new management (I think back in the hands of the the original family who owned SSOH). Haven't heard about and opening date yet.
        Eulogy is nice.

        Check it out (ZoT). they have an eclectic menu. I got the osterich filet once, which was very good, prepared rare. Also antelope loin which was very good as well. And the beer, Belgian...enough said! They also have a decent wine bar selection.