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Jul 14, 2008 07:08 AM

Any reviews of Grace?

This is the new restaurant where Xacutti used to be. Anyone been?

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  1. Went a few weeks ago. Lovely room. It has been hard to get reservations but we were able to get "the last table" at 730 on a Tuesday.

    Menu was marginally confusing. If you look online there is a space between the list under each category. This denotes apps above the space and mains below. We shared the corn soup and fritter and the mushroom gnocchi to start. The apps were the highlight. Best corn soup I have ever had. Gnocchi were good, Light. Wanting a little more flavour but I thought they were very good and the texture was awesome.

    Then came the wait. It was almost an hour until our mains arrived. The place was full, but even so, I think they need to get the mains out a little faster especially for a Tuesday. I had the shortribs and coleslaw. They were good but pretty wintery for summer. One side of the rib was sorta burnt (overcaramelized?), I guess it was poking out of the braising liquid. We also had the roast lamb. It was about a 4 oz. portion that was nice and pink, but underwhelming. I think Kates' review set a pretty high expectation for roast lamb.

    We had the chocolate souffle and a piece of cheese (Magie de Madawaska) The soufle tasted good but it was tiny. The cheese was unfortunately flawed (the centre of the soft sheese was curdy and rubbery. I pointed the flaw out to the server, but it didn't register.)

    The wine list was adequate. I'm sure it will grow as they get more time. The service was "cute girls" and the owner. The servers seemed pretty casual and nice, but pretty stiff at the door. There was a lot of fawning over a couple of VIP tables of 6. Overall, I had a hard time finding something on the menu that jumped out at me to eat. I thought the food was good, the room was nice and the service was fine. I'm sure they will do fine as a new neighbourhood gem. I'm not sure that I would travel out of my way to go there. I hope they can keep it going through the College Street winter hibernation.

    1. try this:

      I went about a week or 2 after opening. It's nicely decroated a la Martha Stewart and I like how they stick to their theme.

      The food was delicious. We had the tomato avocado salad (not spectacular but the bacon made it), oil poached halibut (it was perfectly cooked though bf realizes he doesn't like this cooking method), pork steak w/ marrow (juicy and stuffed w/ wonderful marrow, a couple peices were a bit too chewy).

      We were a late reservation so they were out of a couple dishes and would not do substitutions. The server and hostess were pleasant though we flet a bit ignored by our server.

      I liked it but preferred Xacutti and probably wouldn't repeat in favour of trying other restaurants in the city.

      1. Tried it early June, got an early reservation at 6, the place filled out pretty quickly after that. We got a table in the courtyard which was really nice. However, one of the tables for 2 is very tight for room. I saw at least 2 couples request a change of seat.

        I thought the food was great. As an app, I went with asparagus salad with hard boiled egg. Main was the chicken pot pie. Dessert was the chocolate souffle with a scoop of cinnamon ice cream on the side. Actually, now that I think back, the food was awesome.

        Service was good too..I would definitely go back.