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Jul 14, 2008 07:02 AM

Dinner in Galway City

Will be in Galway for two weeks in August - 9- 23 - celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary. Would like to take our family to a fine dinner (with two young granddaughters). Can anyone give suggestions for a few places?

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  1. I think The Malt House is well thought of. I haven't been there personally but have read good reviews. Hopefully, someone else will come along with more input. If you do a search on the box to the right, some other names will surely come up, too.

    1. I was just at The Malt House last week and I enjoyed it immensely. The appetizers and main dishes were all delicious; my husband loved his roasted chicken and I had the best lamb tagine I've ever eaten. You can make reservations by emailing the restaurant through their website: Enjoy!

      1. Had dinner at the Malt House - great experience. Would definitely recommend - service spectacular - food same category.