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Jul 14, 2008 07:00 AM

Other not-to-miss food related sites

I am new to the whole "internet food site" thing. Ive only recently found chow, as well as a couple neat food blogs. However, I have found them to be quite fantastic. Does anyone have any cool ones for me to check out? "Crafty" type ones would also be cool :)

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    1. Serious Eats, EGullet, Chez Pim, Orangette, NY Mag food section


        also go here, e.g.,
        and look on the right side (scroll down a ways) and see where he links food sites and blogs he likes. this is a good way to explore.....

        1. Drop by my place occasionally -- I'm a professional food writer, cookbook editor and equipment tester for one of the big food magazines, and I have contests and giveaways. You could win something -- I have one coming up in late August to win some grilling equipment.

          I adore the chat boards on Recipezaar, if youre' looking for community. Love, (she cooks from a lot of community cookbooks), and -- the photography is eye-popping. I also read ideasinfood, because it's so strange. And I visit every few days, which aggregates a whole lot of food content from online media including American and British newspapers and magazines, plus blogs and websites. It's a terrible name, coldmud, but I assume they named it on purpose. Have fun in the new food world.

          1. The original comment has been removed