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Jul 14, 2008 06:58 AM

Looking for butcher in Manhattan that sells suckling pig

Just back from Tuscany and as always after visiting there, I came back fully inspired. I want to make porchetta, authentic, using a suckling pig. Is there a place anywhere in the city where I can buy a suckling pig already boned-out and ready to go? I'm sure it would have to be special ordered. Any info, greatly appreciated.

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    1. Ottomanelli's on Bleeker Street. Might also check with Florence on Jones Street or Pino's on Sullivan Street.

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      1. re: penthouse pup

        THANKS to the both of you!! I'll start making calls tomorrow.

      2. Would love to know what you do with it when you find one - please do let us know on the Home Cooking board. If you have any trouble finding it at the suggested places, I'll look up some of the Dominican viveros I've posted about.

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          MMRuth, will do. But in short, want to make a porchetta and try to do so in my wood burning oven. I may be a bit over my head, but I've got to try it after having these slices of pure heaven the past couple of weeks. Prepping it, from what I saw looks relatively straight forward, it's the cooking part I'm going to have to work out.

          Will report back on the Home Cooking board.

          1. re: MagnumWino

            Thanks - I'll be interested. But don't tell me you have a wood burning oven in Manhattan?!

            1. re: MMRuth

              No, I,m actually located in Northwest CT. I just figured the best place to locate a butcher that offers suckling pig would be in Manhattan. I go into the city whenever I need to stock up on good ingredients that I can't find around here, and it's just a two hour drive for me.

        2. Try Faicco Pork Store on Bleecker. They do cut-to-order pig. I'm sure they can get you what you need.

          1. I photographed this sign a few years ago on 12th Ave. in Manhattan in what was then a small meatpacking district behind Fairway Uptown. Meanhwhile, Columbia University has been buying out all the meatpackers and other businesses for its campus expansion, but even when I took the photograph, I don't think there were any suckling pigs sold there anymore.

            That said, a lot of the wholesale meat business has moved to Hunt's Point in the Bronx, so I wonder if there is a source there.