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Jul 14, 2008 06:42 AM

Seafood- Shipwreck Grill? Shrimpbox?

Have a craving for a great seafood dinner? Willing to make a drive from Point Pleasant up to Essex county if need be.

I have never been to shipwreck grill but see there are decent reviews. Shrimpbox never really impressed me but haven't been in 5 years so any new insights would help.

I used to work at Loster Shanty, food was always OK but too touristy.

I would really love to here some recommendations for fresh quality seafood prepared pefectly in a place where I would still being able to wear jeans....

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  1. I love Shipwreck! I was there the other night and had delish halibut!!! Usually I get the twin lobster tails, which are so good. Definately worth a try!!

    Shrimp Box is o.k., and that's really it. Nothing so special. Some people here seem to like Spike's. I have never been, but it is on my go to list.

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      shipwreck has become our favorite restaurants these days.. i was there the other night and had scallops with lobster raviloi as a main course..Tuna Sushi Tempura with Japanese Dipping Sauces as an appetizer.and Shortcake and Gelato Trio
      Strawberry with Vanilla Bean, Blueberry with Toasted Almond and
      Raspberry with Lemon Mascarpone for dessert(we shared this among three people)...everything was yummy..and this was at 9:30pm on a friday night..the place was jammed

    2. I like the food at the shipwreck quite a lot. However, my brother was there a week or two ago and had some apps that were kind of off. He was pretty surprised since he thinks the place is usually great, (though the were accommodating and took them off the bill).

      Not seafood, but I love their braised short-rib quesadillas.

      1. The Shipwreck Grill is an all around excellent restaurant. Where the Shrimp box is just your run of the mill family style seafood joint. It would not be fair to compare the two to each other as they are night and day. If you need to be on the water - good luck.

        But if you are looking for a great seafood dinner then try any of these excellent establishments, which are not on the water but have outstanding seafood selections:

        Bia - Ocean Grove
        Drew's Bayshore - Key Port
        Trinity - Key Port
        Table - Little Silver
        Bay Avenue Trattoria - Highlands

        You can't go wrong with any of them...

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        1. re: JerzeyShore

          Can't really compare the two since they are different atmospheres. I enjoy The Shipwreck Grill and have never had a bad meal there.

          1. re: DKNJ1999

            Thanks for all the input. Shiprwreck was a pretty good restaurant. It was just what I was looking for, perfectly executed seafood. Nice size shrimp cocktail!. The Pistacio Grouper was a great dish. I would most certainly go there again.

            And thanks for the extra ideas Jerzey, I will certainly be trying them as they are close to me and will be sure to post when I do.

            Again THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP!

            1. re: TedyB

              Glad to hear that you enjoyed your dinner at Shipwreck...

            2. re: DKNJ1999

              Thanks for all the insights...Shipwreck was a very good restaurant. The shrimp cocktail was a great size. The Pistacio Grouper was an excellent dish and cooked absolutely perfect (I was worried they would dry out the grouper). The Sesame crusted Tuna looked fresh and carefully prepared. Overall it was just what I was looking for, perfectly executed seafood.

              Thanks for the extra ideas Jerzey...most of them are close so I will def be checking them out and will be sure to post when I do.