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Jul 14, 2008 04:55 AM

Robie's Country Store breakfast

Well, we've been going to Robie's for breakfast every other weekend for about a couple of month's now. I can't live more than two weeks without their pancakes. I get the farmer's breakfast for 6.99 and it includes :2 eggs, toast, home fries, bacon or ham or sausage, two pancakes or french toast or crepes, baked beans or corned beef hash. Needless to say...I leave there stuffed. I don't know what is in their recipe for their pancakes but they are the best I've ever had! And the home bliss potatoes VERY FRESH with just the right amount of rosemary, salt and pepper. Plus it's in a historic old country store setting...we play cards, games while waiting for our food, which is not long! We also love the round block of Cabot cheddar cheese they have behind the counter on occasion, and the homemade carrot cake is good too.

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  1. Wonder no more, Robie's actually gave their recipe to Saveur Magazine:

    1. We really like Robie's too, but I nearly fell over when I saw the write up in Saveur's popular 100 Issue.

      1. Just an FYI. The pancakes are Krusteaz (SP?) brand. Blue bag, blue box. Available in any grocery store. The carrot cake is from "Whoop It Up", an Allenstown area buisness. The seasoning on the homefries is nothing more than Montreal Steak Seasoning with a shake of garlic powder. Sorry to burst the bubble.