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Jul 14, 2008 01:39 AM

Seoul - Kwanak

I'm staying at the Hoam Faculty House at Seoul National for the next three weeks . . . Any recommendations around Nakseongdae? I speak/read Korean . . . Thanks!


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  1. Well, Nakseongdae is not exactly an eating spot. I suggest you go to Itaewon, which has lots of Korean as well as foreign cuisine restaurants.

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      Um, no that would be a very bad idea. Getting Korean food in Itaewon would be like going to a China town in search of burgers.

      A fun thing to do not too far from Nakseongdae is the Norangjin fish market, you can get lots of fresh sea food there and have it cooked up by places in the basement

      Son of Passadumkeg

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        I don't think JackNH said anything about Korean food though? And in fact, there are some good Korean restaurants near Itaewon area, "Chadol Jib" to name one. Very good char-broiled BBQ at very reasonable price.

        As for Noryangjin fish market, you will like there only if you like seafood, such as sashimi, broiled fish, or seafood hot pot, because practically that's all they have. Itaewon will have a lot more variety.

    2. Kangnam is close to Naksongdae and is full of restaurants outside of exits 6 and 7.
      Hongdae has lots of art, nightlife, and a variety of restaurants, especially near the university.. exit 6 I think.
      If you have friends and want to eat cheap food and drink - go to the Jamsil pojangmacha. It's not a normal 4-person stand, but seats maybe 300 people. It's lively. You can get cheap, good food and cheaper soju and beer. It's outside exit one. Walk 3 meters out and go through the opening in the fence on your right. Good times. Easy to meet girls, as you can send $2 bottles of soju to their table and try to chat them up.

      1. I recall that any area close to a university is full of good, cheap eats. Street food has gotten pretty good and quite varied since say, ten years ago. But if it's not Korean you want then Itaewon would be a good place to get foreign food, and Hongdae's got some nice non-Korean places too, along with Kangnam. In Nakseongdae, they do have some decent places to eat but depending on what you want as it is a small-ish area. I can not say I've had any bad food in Nakseongdae or anywhere else I ate in Seoul. Also keep in mind that Seoul is full of little enclaves and there is no shortage of restaurants around so if you're feeling adventurous, check out the different areas/neighbourhoods in Seoul and grab a bite along the way. The subway system is quite efficient but unfortunately, the streets don't really have names so tough to get around at times. Some of my faves were shabu-shabu, samgyupsal, kalnak-tang, kalbi...