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Jul 14, 2008 01:32 AM

Cedars Sinai

I anticipate being in Cedars Sinai quite a bit in the upcoming weeks, and have searched previous posts but not found anything very recent. So I've come up with this list so far, but would love to hear if people have tips for new eats within walking distance of the hospital.

Cafe Angelino
Joan's (though I have found a lot of things very heavy on the salt)
Galanga (previous posts said they deliver to the hospital--can anyone confirm?)

A few more cheapish ethnic choices would be nice. I anticipate everyone will be wanting comfort food: curry over rice, a big bowl of warm soup noodles, sandwiches, soups, a market where we can get some fresh fruit in case we forget to bring some from home, etc.

And what's my best bet for a good cup of either black coffee or a latte in the morning?

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  1. Cafe Angelino's pizze funghe and pizze margherita are the best thin crust Roman-style pizzas in L.A. Period.

    Breadbar is a good option for breakfast and brunch.

    Natalee is excellent Thai.

    1. These threads were from earlier this year and last year but should still be relevant:

      1. If you want breakfast, walk over to Ed's coffee shop on Robertsonopen for breaksfast and lunch, or there is always Jan's on Beverly that is a decent coffee shop good food.

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          i LOVE Ed's, but it's more than a small walk from Cedars really. although i suppose the reason for being near the hospital is key. it's only a few minute drive though.

        2. Newsroom is on Robertson just up the street from Alden. Chaya Brasserie is also walking distance from there.

          1. near the bread bar is the creperie place, is it jack and jills creperie? i ate there once and it was really great (when getting a savory crepe and it has onions, ask light on the onions as it's big chucks and tons of them). the sweet crepes looked amazing, i've yet to try them.