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Cedars Sinai

I anticipate being in Cedars Sinai quite a bit in the upcoming weeks, and have searched previous posts but not found anything very recent. So I've come up with this list so far, but would love to hear if people have tips for new eats within walking distance of the hospital.

Cafe Angelino
Joan's (though I have found a lot of things very heavy on the salt)
Galanga (previous posts said they deliver to the hospital--can anyone confirm?)

A few more cheapish ethnic choices would be nice. I anticipate everyone will be wanting comfort food: curry over rice, a big bowl of warm soup noodles, sandwiches, soups, a market where we can get some fresh fruit in case we forget to bring some from home, etc.

And what's my best bet for a good cup of either black coffee or a latte in the morning?

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  1. Cafe Angelino's pizze funghe and pizze margherita are the best thin crust Roman-style pizzas in L.A. Period.

    Breadbar is a good option for breakfast and brunch.

    Natalee is excellent Thai.

    1. These threads were from earlier this year and last year but should still be relevant:



      1. If you want breakfast, walk over to Ed's coffee shop on Robertsonopen for breaksfast and lunch, or there is always Jan's on Beverly that is a decent coffee shop good food.

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          i LOVE Ed's, but it's more than a small walk from Cedars really. although i suppose the reason for being near the hospital is key. it's only a few minute drive though.

        2. Newsroom is on Robertson just up the street from Alden. Chaya Brasserie is also walking distance from there.

          1. near the bread bar is the creperie place, is it jack and jills creperie? i ate there once and it was really great (when getting a savory crepe and it has onions, ask light on the onions as it's big chucks and tons of them). the sweet crepes looked amazing, i've yet to try them.

            1. I just spent 9 weeks sleeping at Cedars Sinai with a family member... Try Cuvee on Robertson... It is very good. Their chicken quesadilla is excellent. The Cedar sinai cafeteria is actually good for breakfast.... Best of luck

              1. Chaya. I was there recently (having a baby!!) and my husband brought me dinner from Chaya, we had a lobster salad that was amazing.

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                  Ill definitely second Chaya,
                  also just down the street is Hirozen, great sushi!

                2. Cuvee on Robertson; Barefoot on Third (on Third Street)

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                    Agree w/ Newsroom and Cuvee. My recs are all a short drive if you don't want to walk...

                    Get Vito to deliver pizza
                    Al Gelato on Robertson
                    Michel Richard
                    Cafe Bella Roma
                    Celadon for a splurge
                    Happy Cow for Indian
                    King's Road Cafe
                    Absolutely PHObulous
                    Who's on Third?
                    Bossa Nova

                    Hope all goes well for you!

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                        you know, i said celadon and was thinking ortolan. note to self: don't post too late at night... oops.

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                        Celadon is sadly closed. Second King's Road Cafe, also Third Stop is great for early evening gastro-pub fare.

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                          Update: Michelia is defunct.

                      3. Cedars is between Third and Beverly and between Robertson and roughly La Cienega. On Third is Jerry's Deli and Dominick's and a Todai. On Third, there's North End Pizza, Locanda Veneta, Orso, Breadbar, Barefoot, Creperie, Cafe Angelino and a sushi place. Around the corner on Robertson are Michel Richard, the Ivy, Newsroom and Chaya. On La Cienega there's PF Chang, Grand Lux and a Baja Fresh. These are all within walking distance.

                        There's a Starbucks on the Plaza level in Cedars itself for your latte right next to the coffee shop/restaurant. And the hospital cafeteria on the Street level is not bad for their grill, sandwich, salad bar and hot food stations (open practically 24 hrs).

                        Ask the people at the nursing station on your floor for local take out menus. That's where you'll find all the ethnic places that'll deliver right to your room.

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                          Second Locanda Veneta. You can definitely get higher end fare there, but when my wife and I were at Cedars recently, my family brought in LV's roast chicken and it was awesome.

                        2. Mishima is within walking distance (across from the Beverly Connection in the two story minimall on Third Street)--and totally on the mark in terms of menu items such as curry over rice and big bowls of warm soup noodles. The food is good, the portions generous, the prices extremely reasonable. The only caveat is that the service is erratic and frustrating and there are frequently long waits for tables which the management always underestimates. Might be a better bet for takeout. For your coffee, you are in luck. The coffee at King's Road (Beverly at Kings Road) is terrific. Good luck!

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                            Depends what time you go to Mishima. I have never waited for a table. I had an early dinner this evening at 5:40 p.m. The place was deserted.

                          2. India's Grill in the mini mall at the La Cienega/San Vicente intersection is wonderful and has a reasonably priced lunch special.

                            On Sunday night, hit up the 3-course Sunday Supper at Dominick's for $15, and get a bottle of Dago Red Wine for $10/bottle (or Morretti beer at $2/bottle).

                            Mishima is a great rec, especially if you're looking for comfort food.

                            If you walk a few blocks east on Beverly, Vegan Glory has pretty good Thai.

                            1. i would strongly reccomend you not order take-out. there is a really steep charge for them to deliver. if you can walk, definitely do so. the surcharge is around 30%. newsroom would also be a good choice - the ahi sandwich is great.

                              1. If you want to stay in the hospital and have it delivered, Jerry's only charges two or two fifty to deliver to the hospital. I am not a great fan of Jerry's but the delivery charge is minimal and it is cheaper than ordering from the hospital. When hubby was there, they wanted to charge me 28 dollars to have a tray brought up. I was able to order more food for less from Jerry's. Just tell them you are at the hospital.

                                1. Walk across the street to Beverly Center and you have 3 nice choices that you cannot see from the Cedars side:
                                  Todai Seafood & Sushi on Beverly (buffet style)
                                  California Pizza Kitchen on La Cienega
                                  and for dessert
                                  Silky Smooth Ultra Creamery-- 7th floor on the Macy's side, with seating downstairs.

                                  Morning Coffee? there are 2 Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs--one inside the mall 6th floor by Bloomies, one outside on the corner of 3rd and La Cienega, across the street from Grand Luxe Cafe, another excellent choice mentioned previously on this thread.

                                  1. Ronin Izakaya Bistro (www.roninizakaya.com) on La Cienega, just north of Beverly Blvd. "Asian tapas"; homemade tofu. Dinner only (no more lunch for now). Mika (sushi roll & teriyaki) (3rd & La Cienega; 310.657.MIKA) will deliver. In that same strip mall -- North End Pizzeria ; good thin crust pizza (SLOW delivery), California Wok also delivers. The Jerry's Deli delivery guys have CSMC badges that allow them to deliver to your office. All the others will meet you at the South Tower lobby.

                                    1. Two not mentioned here:

                                      Cedar's own restaurant/coffee shop (2nd level, near the South Tower Blood lab) is quite good. I had a eggplant parmigiana panini the other the day that was excellent.

                                      Also, not quite walking distance, but very close driving, is the highly esteemed Hirozen on Beverly. Located in a L-shaped minimall. Probably the best Japanese place in the neighborhood.

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                                        Would never think of Cedar's own coffee shop. Did you eat there because you were constrained by time or did you go because you like it?

                                        And just to be fair, Idodb did recommend Hirozen earlier in the thread.