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Jul 13, 2008 11:01 PM

MSP Indio

There hasn't seem to have been a thread dedicated to Indio yet. A few people commented on it when it first opened, but I think it's always best to wait at least a few months to assess a restaurant so it can find its bearings.

I went there Thursday for dinner and was very pleased. I suppose I have two caveats: I have only been there once, and I only am basing this on a very limited portion of the menu. But so far, so good.

My friend and I split an app of epazote flautas. It was $7 and it only had 2 flautas, so it was a tad high, but it was good. The flautas were topped with a delicious cabbage salad and served on a zesty tomatilla sauce.

He ordered a margarita - good. I had a home brewed iced tea, which was too strong.

For entrees, he had the inadventurous chicken enchiladas in red mole, which were good but not outstanding or significantly different than other places. I suppose my sort of gripe about it is nit picky - it was served with black beans. This is Ruiz's take on Mexican food, and one of the key differences in Latin foods is the Cubans like black beans, Mexicans like brown beans, and the rest of Latin America tends to prefer red beans. Usually, or so I'm told. At any rate, black beans are pretty odd in a Mexican dish. It so happens that I prefer black beans, though.

I however ordered the "Lechon - Lime/serrano marinated pork tenderloin served with a green tomatillo tamal, in a calabacita salsa garnished with pickled red onions." I give it rave reviews. The pork was incredibly tender, and the flavor of the marinade was exquisite. The tamal was not served in a corn husk or banana leaf - just formed masa. It had a terrific flavor. The salsa was great, and the onions were terrific, although could have been pickled just a smidge longer. Overall, I was thrilled with my dish - highly, highly recommended.

The service was outstanding. It easily bested the service I had at 112 the following night, which is not to say that I had sub-standard service at 112. The server himself, as well as the manager, the maitre d', and the bussing staff, were all incredibly polished. I was very impressed.

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  1. The flautas are very good and they are available on the Happy Hour menu for $3-$4. Also on the HH menu are chicken tinga tostaditas which are really more like a version of chilaquiles. The place is really beautiful on the inside but I think that suburban looking block doesn't really do them justice.

    1. Thanks for the review, pgokey. I'm sorry to say that I've yet to try this place even though it is right in my back yard. You've given me impetus to try it out! Is it fair to compare this place to Masa in any way? (I just ate there for the first time on Saturday.)

      Places link:

      1221 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408

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      1. re: bob s

        Yes, it seems to be a direct competitor to Masa, although they have few common dishes.

        Thursday at 7 pm, the place was reasonably busy, too, which I was happy about. It deserves good business.

        1. re: bob s

          I had dinner at Indio last week, and Masa on Saturday night, and I think it's fair to compare the two. We tried several small dishes at Indio, but no entrees: al pastor sopes, ceviche trio, flautas, tamal, and a salad. We also tried a chocolate cake for dessert. I had a grapefruit margarita. At masa, I tried the guacamole and a taco trio (fish, al pastor, and chicken tinga). My friends had a shrimp tamale and veggie enchiladas. The guac and my tacos were delicious. I tasted the shrimp tamale, and didn't like it. It's not that I think it wasn't prepared well, I just think pork or chicken is preferable for tamales. My friend who is a vegetarian had a hard time finding anything on the menu at Masa. When she asked the server for a rec, he named three items-- a soup, quesadillas, and the enchiladas. Indio seemed to have more veggie options on their menu. Service at both restaurants was really attentive. The atmosphere at Masa is a little more trendy and slick than Indio. Indio seemed a little more warm and welcoming. I guess I'd put Indio ahead of Masa, just because Indio has more variety in their menu, but I was really happy with meals at both.

        2. Thanks for the review - that pork sounds wonderful.

          How were those untraditional black beans? I'm searching for a replacement for the fabulous black beans at the late, lamented Puerto Azul.


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          1. re: AnneInMpls

            My two cents about both places is that the entrees rather than apps are what make both of them winners.

            I never did eat at Puerto Azul so I can't compare them, but I can say that both the beans and the rice were very good there. The beans packed some great flavor. At least, they are worth trying out.

            1. re: pgokey

              Not sure if I've posted this on here before but I found the black beans at
              Masa (with queso fresco) to be too salty.