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Jul 13, 2008 10:54 PM

RIVERVIEW IN Long Island City

RIVERVIEW IN Long Island City

Please helpp reviews---

any feedback or tips needed

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  1. Terrible food, great location. I wouldn't bother going there ever again. If you want to just sit out by the park and drink cocktails that's one thing but I would not recommend it for a meal.

    1. Mediocre food and service. Not worth a special trip.

      1. I have never eaten there, but my wife and I make frequent trips there (we live on Roosevelt Island so it's easy for us) to have a drink outside, and then take their ferry back and forth for a nice ride (tipping the captain, of course).

        I have heard only bad things about the food, although they do make a mean Manhattaan!

        1. I thought the food was really just okay. My husband and I used to live down the street and we went for an anniversary one year (maybe 5 years ago). I certainly wouldn't say the food was terrible and the service was very good. The interior (at that time) was a bit worn but it was a stunning view. It certainly won't be the best meal ever but it was hardly inedible.