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Jul 13, 2008 10:32 PM

July/August 2008 DESSERT COOKBOOK OF THE MONTH: The Perfect Scoop and David Lebovitz' Website

And the winner is..... The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz and Lebovitz' Website ( He writes it from Paris and comments from readers are posted. I really like his website and have made several things from the recipes he posts.

So even if you don't have an ice cream maker, there are plenty of deelish desserts on his website.

I'll post the thread headings tomorrow.

Best, Oakjoan

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  1. YAY! I've just ordered my copy. Can't wait. But, don't forget these posts about Lebovitz' instructions for making ice cream without an ice cream maker as well as Delia Smith's


    1. I just told a friend of mine about the possibility of this book/website being selected. She is unfamiliar to and I'm hoping to entice her to participate in this thread. She was the beneficiary of my "incomplete" copy--I'd purchased this a couple of months ago, only to find missing (blank) pages--about 10 or so in all. The company (Ten Speed Press) sent me a new copy, so I gave the other copy to my friend (I asked 10 Speed if they wanted the first copy returned, but they said I could just give it to someone). She's enjoying the book very much!

      On a related note, I once emailed David Lebovitz about halving the recipes. I'm currently living alone, so I can't have an entire quart of rich ice cream in the house--it's like crack to me! He said that the recipes CAN be halved, good news for anyone who wants to make a smaller batch. You might have to watch the churning/freezing a little more carefully, though.

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        I've been visiting Lebovitz' website for more than a year now and find it really interesting and funny. He is not afraid to be gently self-deprecating, which I like a lot, since I swing between self-deprecation and wildly inflated egomania. I see that he answers his email which is another plus.

        Mostly, however, I spend my time being jealous of his ability to live in Paris. I also lived there for a long spell but it was about 300 years ago. Sigh.

        In any case, it's great to know that he answered your question.

        I only have a Donvier hand cranker and would also love to explore non-machine-made ice creams, etc. My son and daughter-in-law r have a great electric ice cream maker which weighs about 500 pounds and sounds like the Daytona 500. The terrific ice cream it produces, however, is worth the hassle and noise.

        1. re: oakjoan

          I'm envious of his Parisian life too! Though I am a few hours from Paris, Kentucky (not exactly the same thing!) And I was impressed that he answered my email--that really scored points with me.

          I am also envious of the ice cream maker your son and DIL have.

          Looking forward to participating in this thread! The July COTM marks the first time I've ever joined in. And I know that you've handed the mantle to MMRuth, but thanks for all of your work in COTM. I did often read the threads, even though I didn't participate.

          1. re: nofunlatte

            Thanks! I really liked being Empress of COTM, but am equally happy NOT being same. MMR is a dedicated and inventive person who will do a great job.

      2. Hurrah! I have this book. Time to dust off my KitchenAid ice-cream maker attachment and make room in the freezer for the bowl. Does this mean I now have absolutely no hope of losing seven pounds before my holiday in Turkey in September?

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        1. re: greedygirl

          Why not go on an all-ice cream diet? A new flavor every day!

          1. re: greedygirl

            I tried to tell my doctor yesterday that I shouldn't be gaining weight because I only eat the best quality ice cream.

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