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Jul 13, 2008 09:55 PM

fish tacos in Baltimore

Looking for some good fish tacos; I have yet to try Tortillaria or Las Palmas, which I've heard are v. good--but are there any sit-down places where you can also get some decent margaritas and share a bowl a chips and guacamole (and that are inexpensive)?

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  1. I go to Tortillaria and Las Palmas all the time, but have never had fish tacos (my favorite at Las Palmas are the Enchiladas Verdes.) Neither have margaritas. For a completely different atmosphere, Taco Fiesta in Harbor East has really tasty fish tacos, good drinks, and an extensive salsa bar. They also have nice happy hour deals.

    1. I go to La Tortilleria a lot too and like mobtown999 had never seen fish tacos on the menu, but was pleasantly surprised last month during a chowhound taco crawl to find their fish tacos (grilled fresh tilapia with a lively seasoning) to be fantastic. Freshly made - the fish was tender and hot. They came with a little cup of pico, not the guac that normally accompanies the other meat tacos.

      I'd suggest these as the best fish tacos I've had in Baltimore (not that I've successfully found fish tacos very many places other than the mass produced ones at Baja Fresh), but it seemed the fish tacos were a special item available that day -- written on the chalkboard menu but not the paper menus. You might call them to see when they offer it.

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        Update: went back to Tortilleria today -- it appears the fish tacos have been added to the regular menu rotation. They're now on the chalkboard as before but also on the printed paper menus. Officially -- they're "tilapia in Old Bay with butter and tarragon". That said -- unless you're a "eat really quick and run" sort, Tortilleria these days (no A/C) is almost unbearably hot inside, especially on weekends when they've been running their tortilla press. We got ours to go and ate at home a few blocks away.

      2. Somewhat surprisingly perhaps, Capt Larry's on Fort Ave has really good fish tacos. Good drinks as well. But will probably have to forgo the chips and guaca.

        I like Taco Fiesta as well and second their Happy Hour deals.

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          I had the fish tacos at Capt Larry's about a month ago and they were quite good.

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            I've also loved the fish tacos at Capt. Larry's. I actually tried it on recommendation from someone on here.

        2. I don't always like everything on their menu, but Red Star in Fells Point has fish tacos that I really liked. Grilled swordfish, crunchy cabbage, mandarin oranges, thick avocados -- they were unusual and tasty.

          1. You might want to specify what type of Fish Tacos... there are many varieties like Ensenada style, Grilled, Tinga, Nayarit - Zarandeado style, Sinaloa style Griddled Smoked Marlin, Cabo style Griddled Smoked Marlin with Tomato-Caper-Olive-Jalapeno sauce etc., etc.,