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Jul 13, 2008 09:49 PM

Moderne Burger (Vanc) Reopened?

I notice that after months the paper is off the window at Moderne and there is a sign on the door with opening hours. Anyone know if they are finally open again and if so, how are the burgers, shakes, etc.

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  1. I've been twice since they reopened. Fries and shakes as good as ever, meat a bit different tasting and buns changed (yellow, sweeter). Lineups from before opening at noon that build all day, hence only have gone for lunch. Not accepting takeout orders by phone last I checked. Great decor and HVAC (no more smelling like a burger when you leave!). Friendly as ever too.

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    1. re: grayelf

      When I lived next door to Modern Burger they were completely not nice. noisy etc out back up to 2 in the morning.

      I choose not to frequent bad neighbour establishments.

      Vera's is awesome and they serve beer too!

      1. re: ktinvan

        Sorry to hear it. That really surprises me, as they have never to my knowledge stayed open past 8 pm.

        I haven't had much luck with Vera's as the consistency hasn't been there for me.

            1. re: grayelf

              As grayelf pointed out, Moderne Burger closes at 7:45pm. I would be surprised if there were still customers or staff lingering at 2am.

              Maybe your bad experience was from the patrons of Benny's Bagels next door, which I believe is either 24 hour or open quite late into the night.

      1. re: barrett Jones

        do you know what tiem they open? THeir website doesn't say, or I am completely blind.

        1. re: toutefrite

          They open at 12 noon, and yes, there is a lineup then too! (At least on Fridays)

          1. re: grayelf

            thanks g/e. How did this burger compare to the Splitz one? I really enjoyed that review of yours. I have yet to hit up either place, but they are both on my to do list. Just returned from extraordinary Seattle 24 hour food gorge, but need a good burger fix.

            1. re: toutefrite

              Thanks for the props :-) and let us know when you post on your Seattle fest.

              I've been a die-hard Mod Burg fan since they opened (and closed and opened and closed) for a bunch of reasons: good food, good ingredients, great people, proximity, fun decor, reasonable price. Since the reopening, I've been a tad less impressed with the burger and bun, and the fries seemed not quite as crunchy/tender as before. Is this because I've built it up in my mind waiting for the reopen? Maybe, but chowish dad thought the burg was a bit off its game too FWIW. The bun thing is a matter of personal taste -- I like my h. buns more savoury but it was still fresh and light. I don't recall the pre-reno prices but everything seems to have gone up which is fair enough. You are looking at about $20 for a burger, fries and shake and the lineup situation is a bit of a conundrum too. Bottom line: it's still a superior burger experience.

              Comparing to Splitz is easy on one level: Splitz is cheaper. Their combo is $9.45 and includes fries and a soft drink. You do get a lot fewer fries (which is probably a good thing unless you're sharing, which is what we often do at MB) and you don't get the deal if you buy a shake. Splitz also has more variety, with sausages, wraps and onion rings (a personal downfall, and they are my favourite battered ones here) also available. We've been to Splitz three times now and I think the Achilles heel here may be consistency (and the fact they don't have AC!). The first time the burger was very good, the second time the burger was great and the third time the burger was disappointing, as were the fries.

              Because my new niece (yippee!) lives nearish Splitz, I foresee more trips there, but we're not giving up on Moderne Burger by any stretch. I think you need to try both to decide which you prefer. I'll be interested to hear what you think of either...