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wedding favor ideas? special to washington or seattle.

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hello, SF chowhound here -

i am looking for help with ideas for favors/parting - travel gift or welcome bags to guest who will be coming from out of town for a wedding in Seattle (actually, Whidbey).

some ideas from the board so far are:

Chukar cherries -- any product in particular?

Cafe Vita coffee -- or anything else?

smoked salmon- any brand/ source ideas?

tim's chips

some considerations are people will be traveling back home.

i'd appreciate any help! thank you!!!

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  1. Jones Soda (you can customize the label with your own photo--but no selection of flavor if you do)
    Apples and Cherries (fresh--yum)
    Aplets and Cotlets (I never understood these, yuck, but they are local)
    Almond Roca
    Fran's Chocolates
    Many Washington wines to choose from

    Not food, but local
    Tulip bulbs from Skagit Valley

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      Love the tulip bulb idea! Also SeaBear in Anacortes has smallish packages of smoked salmon that are very packable.

    2. Our favors were little mesh bags of Dilletante chocolate covered espresso beans. Well received and people were bouncy after consuming them.

      For out-of-towner welcome bags, i'd also include Market Spice Tea.
      Also, the Tom Douglas rub-with-love blends. Assuming people don't think they're an erotic thing... ;)

      1. Chocolate covered cherries from Dilletante or Chukar - Bartells, Dilletante shop, Trader Joes, Costco?

        Portlock smoked salmon - Bartells often has on special

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          Would paper bags full of ranier cherries be too hard? They are delicious though.

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            these ideas are great... thank you to all. it will be in sept so not sure cherries will be available. cherries in some form seems a must!

        2. I was at a wedding over the weekend and the favor was Fran's salted carmels. They are so good and the out of towners all loved them and appreciated that they were local.

          1. Smoked salmon: Wilson Fish at the farmer's market. It's good for, iirc, 6 months before opening the vacuum seal.

            Theo Chocolates (they'll do two piece gift boxes)

            Deck of cards from archie mcphee, Soap from Ballard Organics (ok, it's not food, but...)

            Cheese from Estrella or beecher's, crackers from Essential, pepper jelly from ... crap, can't remember... black labels, sell at pike place and ballard farmer's mkt on occasion.

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            1. Forget the foil-packed salmon - it's gross.

              I'm also not wild about chukar cherries though some people seem to like them.

              Whole-bean coffee from a local roaster is a good idea. I like Zeitgeist's 'Diplomat' drip roast for this purpose - everyone likes it and it comes in a nice looking foil bag that travels well. (My father in law still has me schlepping it to NYC every time I visit after we gave them a bag their first time out here.)

              Gift boxes from Theo or Fran's are definitely a good idea too.

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              1. re: terrier

                Have to agree that boxes of chocolates from Theo (or their bars that are named after places in Seattle-keep longer too) would be a great addition.

              2. Alder smoked salmon from Pure Foods Fish (North of ULI's sausages)

                1. I think little bags of local coffee would be great and easy for people to transport back home. Fran's of Theo Chocolates would also be wonderful though more expensive. I would give anything liquid or in glass, since that's a hassle for people flying.

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                  1. re: christy319

                    I'm having a hard time choosing chocolate bars from Theo's (we're doing Fran's too).

                    Any one have favorite Theo bars?


                    1. re: rln

                      Bread and Chocolate!!

                      I'd avoid the more unusual flavors, like curry. Some people like them but when we had a chocolate tasting at work, most people didn't.

                      1. re: christy319

                        mmmm.... Bread and Chocolate is my favorite. And you can get them at Fred Meyer's out of all places.

                        1. re: rumgum

                          ok... that was the one that caught my eye... thanks!

                  2. Here are a few more...

                    Walla Walla onion mustard (try the Made in Washington stores)
                    fireweed honey (there's a vendor at Pike Place Market that sells it in small jars)
                    marionberry preserves (I've found those at the Market, too)
                    Penguins caffeinated mints (made locally, but you can find them at Cost Plus World Market)
                    apple chips (again, there's a vendor at the Market, near the fish-throwing guys)
                    pickled asparagus (a lot of grocery store sell them, or try Made in Washington)
                    Slug Butter! http://www.lopezislandfarm.com/

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                      We plan to drop by the market. Do they sell the apple chips in small bags? Or should we be prepared to bag them in smaller bags ourselves?

                      Thanks for the ideas!

                      1. re: rln

                        The bags are probably a bit bigger than you're going to want, so you'll need to re-bag them. These chips are great--nothing like the stale mass-produced ones you occasionally see. They have several different varieties of apples, even. The stall is facing the fish-throwing guys, and a bit to the south.

                    2. Whidbey Island Wine. I think it's made from Marion Berries or Logan Berries, delicious!

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                        Fun idea! I've had that, and various fruit ports from Hood River OR, and stuff from elsewhere, and so far my all time favorite is the Delilah brand raspberry wine from Samson Estates in Lynden. It is the concentrated essence of those berries, not too sweet, and really incredibly fragrant. It is so good lightly chilled with chocolate (or alone!). I think they do liquers, too. Maybe local chocolate and the right fruit wine?