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Jul 13, 2008 09:37 PM

Raw chicken question

Bought a whole pack of raw chicken breasts from Costco and didn't get to wrapping it and throwing them into the freezer until now 07/13. But the best before date is 07/14. It has been in the fridge all this time. I didn't smell any weird smell but it did feel a bit slimy but then again doesn't raw chicken have a slime??

Anyway, should I chuck it or is it ok to consume??


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  1. Honestly I would not buy any stores so called fresh chicken to freeze. I say so called fresh because stores today seldom get it actually refrigerator fresh to begin with (likely frozen) and chicken doesn't flavor quite right if refroze.

    1. cook it up. i'd simmer it, and cook the chicken well. eat plain with some rice cooked in the broth. plus pepper. gooooood.

      1. If it smells okay and I'm sure it does go ahead and freeze it if that's what you have planned. I'll bet it taste okay.