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Jul 13, 2008 09:10 PM

Cafes de Artists? Any ideas?

Ok, here we go: an artist friend is visiting L.A. area for a few weeks. He wants to check out the cafes & coffedhouses where our creative types hang out. So, where are our Cafe de Flore, Brasserie Lipp and Les Deux Magots?
Or, at least the next best thing!

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  1. In Chinatown that would be the Mountain Bar and Hop Louie, in Culver City the Mandrake Bar. That is, if you're looking for visual artists hangouts.

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    1. re: bad nono

      I would have to agree with bad nono's recs. Mandrake bar is full of LA artists...especially on Wednesday nights when Ezra hosts; full of NYC art transplants and even supermodels. Mountain bar is great on certain nights. I usually go there when I'm in the area after art shows or a New High (M)art party. Full of designers/artists wanting to extend the night's festivities. I'm speaking of true artists...not the beret-wearing soul patch artists that seem to plague oh I dunno...Los Feliz?

      1. re: love2eat

        I forgot to add, most artists I know end up having lunch/dinner at Via Cafe in Chinatown before/after openings..
        Now from the OP query, as a Frenchy-doubling-as-an-artsy-fartsy-type I have to add that the Deux Magots, etc. in Paris are writers hangouts, not places for visual artists. If you're looking for writers places I'd say head over to Silverlake, but I wouldn't know where.