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Jul 13, 2008 08:45 PM

Dominican Republic-themed party menu

Looking for ideas for tapas/appetizers/hors d'oeuvres for a cocktail party with a Dominican Republic theme. The party is on a weeknight so I don't have much time to cook. Would love ideas on packaged/frozen items or quick and easy recipes.


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  1. My husband is Dominican, so I'll see what ideas I can come up with, though most things that we usually have as hors d'oeuvres/appetizers at his home there are, I think, a little time consuming.

    You could make Dominican rice and beans ahead of time, and serve them in small cups with a spoon:

    Pastelitos - similar to empanadas - maybe you could use purchased pie dough to make them - at his house they are filled with cheese, or a picadillo of sorts - ground meat, raisins, olives - I'll try to find a recipe here, or if you're interested, I could dig a recipe from one of my Dominican Cookbooks. Good tip here about Goya premade dough for these.

    Shrimp - a favorite for boat outings is large boiled, shelled shrimp, with a Russian dressing of sorts - mayonnaise based with ketchup - I can also try to get a recipe for you.

    Fried kibbe - there are a lot of Lebanese in the DR, and one often sees these as appetizers - maybe you could make them ahead?

    Yucca fritters - unfortunately a last minute thing, I think

    Tostones - twice fried plantains - delicious - you could certainly do the first fry ahead of time I think, but they'd have to be fried at the last minute. You could use them as a base for something, as well.

    This might help too:

    Good luck! I have an upscale Dominican cookbook and will take a look to see if there are any useful ideas in it or you.

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      I forgot about croquettas - usually with minced ham or chicken, with a bechamel base, I think.

      Also, Dominican rum and Presidente beer (very very cold), of course! - this site might help you - the Quipe is the same as kibbe.

      And, chicharrones de pollo:

      "In the Dominican Republic chicharrones, specially chicken chicharrĂ³n (also known as pica-pollo), are usually eaten with tostones. The way to prepare it is by washing and drying chicken and cutting it into small pieces, which are seasoned with a mix of lemon juice, soy sauce and salt. The batter is made from flour, pepper, paprika and salt in plastic bag, in which the seasoned meat is then placed and shaken. Pieces are deep-fried (without removing excess flour) until crisp and golden." I believe the chicken is still on the bone.

    2. MMRuth...thanks for all the great suggestions!! I ended up making empanadas from frozen dough...easy and only a bit time-consuming to assemble. But I've discovered they're also easy to freeze and have on hand in a pinch (or for a quick lunch!!). I also made a black bean salsa and had gazpacho...not strictly dominican I'm sure, but it worked for us! Thanks again!!!

      1. I think the Dominican rum is called "Brugal." It's very good, but not very expensive.