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Jul 13, 2008 07:54 PM

what would you like to see open in silver lake/echo park?

in light of all of the new restaurants that have opened this year, particularly in echo park, what do you think this side of town still needs?

personally, i would kill for a decent italian deli along the lines of bay cities. anywhere i could get a decent sandwich would make me happy, actually. i also think silver lake could use a good taco truck, the lines at taco zone are getting out of control.

and we certainly don't need any more pizza.


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  1. fish, fish, and more fish,,,

    1. i agree about a decent sandwich place, a solid cafe east of alvarado that served good coffee would be nice because the downbeat just isn't what it used to be and chango really just ain't it, oh and tacos arizas on lemoyne? south of sunset is a great taco truck as well if the lines at the taco zone are bumming you out. pizza quota has been met and over shot as well as the vegan quota, in my opinion, any word on whether citysip on sunset is going to have food as well because a wine/tapas bar would be so nice....

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      1. re: tooth

        I know nothing about it other than having walked past it, but next to where 826LA is (where Sea Level used to be) they are supposed to be working on a coffee shop/book store...

        1. re: tooth

          try Mariposa on Sunset, sort of across from Barrigans.

        2. I would like to see some place like "The Stand" from the valley.

          1. I think the paninis at the Cheese Store of Silverlake are pretty darn good. I would say one thing that is missing is a great bagel shop.

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            1. re: aventinus

              I think Brooklyn Bagels on Beverly is pretty good. LA in general does not really have great bagel options. I did not know that cheese store offered up paninis, need to try.
              Thinking about it... there seems to be many good/great options missing!
              Chinese, Indian, a salad place along the lines of Tender Greens, great sit down Mexican, and concur with the good sandwich option...Ohh! I would also add a real good burger option..

              1. re: LaLa Eat

                I enjoyed Cardonnes sandwich shop, they just charged a little to much, IMO. The neighborhood never really got behind them. You do have Eastside Market for that thick saucey italiany kind of place.

                1. re: LaLa Eat

                  Have you tried the burgers at Masa? The Spanish Burger is not half bad.

                  Totally agree that Tender Greens would be awesome!

                2. re: aventinus

                  Oy, but the parking's such a nightmare! I love Cheese Store and Intelligentsia but it always takes SO long to get a cup of coffee and stop for cheese.

                  1. re: Suebee

                    Yes! How about a parking garage? Heh.

                  1. re: bodie

                    there are two starbucks. one in silverlake in glendale blvd in the ralph's strip mall, and one in echo park in the laundromat next door to the firehouse one block west of alvarado on sunset.

                    1. re: bodie

                      Echo Park & Silver Lake do NOT need a Starchuck's, please, gag me with a spoon!