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Jul 13, 2008 07:25 PM

Top of the Bay - Warwick RI - Review

We had heard that a new place opened in a great spot overlooking the bay in Warwick. The review in the Providence Journal was good (last time we trust that rag). Top of the Bay is one of the most poorly named restaurant around. NOTHING about it was "top".

The night started with a round of drinks. For a couple of us, the Gin and Tonics were so poorly poured that we had to ask for separate glasses of tonic and ice. And, ended up mixing the drinks ourselves.

It got worse -really quickly. The appetizers were mediocre. Stuffed Artichokes were the only ones that we considered edible. They were essentially canned artichokes with a VERY bready and VERY buttery filling. We could not find any of the seafood in the stuffing.

The table ordered the following:

Fettucine Alfredo - was that Elmers Glue in the sauce?!?
Scrod - flavorless
Scallops - in a pool of butter with congealed cheddar cheese on top. Again lacking in flavor.
Linguini with Clams - totally tasteless. And, oddly, five shells with only 2 clams. I guess the other three clams were smart and escaped the awful sauce.
French Fries - ice cold
Broccoli - terribly overcooked - must have been 2-3 days

The service was pleasant - not prepared to deal with the catastrophes exiting the kitchen that night. And, the bathroom - absolutely gross.

They tried desperately to get us to stay for a "free dessert" or "free round of drinks" to make up for the mess. We were so desperate to get out of there, we said "no, thanks". In retrospect, I am the kind of person who likes a "good train wreck". Would have been interesting to see what kind of disaster the kitchen could produce for dessert. I will leave that to a braver soul.

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  1. I have to disagree with you on your comment....
    I also read the nice article in the newspaper and i decided to try top of the bay with my family it was great the food was excellent the atmosphere is sooo classy: from the location to the blue glasses to the bread and sample dish that they give you

    We had the artichoke hearts also as it was mentioned in the paper it was out of this world
    Than we tried the ocean steak with the scallops and crab meat it was soooo good
    my wife had the scallops nantucket it was also excellent the chicken hawain was also great taste and presentation
    The place was reasonable the service was verry frendly i would defenetly go back and encourage everyone to try it

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      We went last night for first time and it was excellent. We were a party of 3 and two ordered the cajun tuna special and the other ordered the chicken marsala. I had the tuna and it may have been the best tuna I have ever had. It had a terrific sauce accompanying it. Sides were very good as well. I would definitely return to this waterfront spot.