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Jul 13, 2008 07:12 PM

Great food in Atlanta? [moved from Elsewhere board]

I'm in Atlanta for the week and hope to have a couple of nights off for good meals. So I'm looking for (1) the hip, cool, fantastic new restaurant that everyone is raving about and (2) the most authentic meal in Atlanta.

Any suggestions?

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    1. re: hillarybrown

      Sorry, authentic Atlanta food - or maybe it's just authentic southern food.

      1. re: hillarybrown

        Hmmm. Well, for the first I would recommend Beleza on Juniper. Or Cuerno, it's sister restaurant next door. Both are uber-trendy and delicious. Beleza is Brazilian-inspired and Cuerno is authentic Spanish.

        For the second, my vote goes to Rathbun's for southern. Yummy! Have fun!

        1. re: stacystacy13

          I'd say Holeman & Finch for the first (and a little bit the second from what I hear) and Watershed for the second.

      2. Hilary's spot on with Holeman & Fitch and Watershed. You could also try Dynamic Dish on's all about farm fresh and simple and is about to be discovered big time. Amazing food lovingly created and served.

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        1. re: aka frank

          Speaking of Holeman and Fitch, I had an outstanding meal at Restaurant Eugene last week. One of the best meals I've had in Atlanta.

          1. re: rcburli

            Thanks to all - this is fantastic! We had a nice meal last night at South City Kitchen - tasty and a good vibe...and I have to say, a generous pour of Belvedere on the rocks!

            1. re: FawnsOverFood

              Just did some serious eating in Atlanta over the 4th of July weekend. Restaurant Eugene was a wonderful meal, great food, service, and wine program. Watershed was another exceptional meal in a great laid back environment. I would also add Ecco for (somewhat) Tapas style dining. This place was wonderful for 4 of us, very condusive to sharing and trying new items, really enjoyed it. Another good Southern food place would be Mary Mac's.

        2. Great southern food, sort of an interpretation of New Orleans via Atlanta is Parish. Everyone who's been there, including me, loves it. Braised short ribs and crazy mojitos. New and wonderful and beautiful to look at. The other is Steel for cutting edge, cool fantastic new place to be seen. It's midtown on W. Peachtree St. Asian food, awesome bento boxes for lunch for $15. Complimentary sushi every Wed.

          1. for dressed up yet down home southern, I go to The Depot on Memorial. It's also kinda new and hip.

            best pork chop EVER. (It's the Choo Choo Chop).