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Jul 13, 2008 07:01 PM

Dallas Desserts

My dad and I are big fans of desserts, and I'm curious to hear what other foodies have to say about the best desserts in Dallas (and the country for that matter). So far, my dad and I have reached the consensus that the best desserts are at the Palm. Their cheesecake is great, their chocolate cake is amazing, and their carrot cake is heaven. I consider their chocolate cake and carrot cake to be perfection. It does help that the desserts are huge (and $15 each). Besides that, if I am craving some dessert and don't want to gorge on Palm desserts, I usually go to Eatzi's, Dallas City Market, or sad as it is to say, Cheesecake Factory. I've tried places like the Grape (way too small and not tasty) as well as Stephen Pyle's Heaven and Hell cake... I guess you have to love peanut butter to appreciate it. I went to Hibiscus once and liked their chocolate cake as well as its size, but I think the Palm wins hands down. So where do you guys go? I am pretty conservative when it comes to desserts, but I'd still like to know your favorite dessert know matter how eccentric it is. Also, I think that Whole Foods "Death by Chocolate Brownie" is very good, and Del Frisco's has some good stuff too. Thanks.

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  1. Natsumi's frozen yogurt and gelato is hard to top. I haven't had a single flavor there that I don't like. This is the first place that always comes to mind when I'm feeling like a dessert.

    The black forest cake at Henk's Black Forest bakery/deli is pretty amazing stuff. The bakery has a huge assortment of good pastries to choose from as well.

    Craving cookies? I suggest Pokey O's and Doughmonkey, either one is an excellent choice.

    1. I would highly recommend Doughmonkey for a dessert. All of their pastries are great.

      If you can get there in the mornings before they sell out I would try a muffin at Yummy Donuts on Lovers on the east side of the tollway (Across from the Firestone). The husband and wife team make an excellent muffin that is not overly sweet and is packed with blueberrys. They also have very interesting designer donuts (think cookies and cream with Oreos on top). No Website.

      For a somewhat healthy dessert (I am sure they have it elsewhere also) but a dish of the fresh silken tofu with a simple syrup at Sichuanese was very good on a recent visit.

      Also good to great are the desserts at La Me. While not on your typical rotation of sweets (i.e cheesecake or chocolate dessert) the Vietnamese can make great desserts that you would never think go together. I believe they have about 5-6 desserts everyday with about two more in the fridge.

      A substitute for a dessert could be Cassis in Plano for a specialty drink or a frozen drink. That is if you are up in that area. I don't like peanut butter that much but the peanut slush is just right.

      Candidate for the worst slice of cake ever was at Henk's Black Forest Cafe the Swiss Madrissa cake. Dry tasteless cake, bland icing and canned fruit topping made for a bad experience.

      1. Doughmonkey, as others have said, has great desserts. If you want restaurant desserts, then I think the best is the moon pie at Papas Bros. Honorable mention goes to Strong's EveryDay Tavern for their coconut pie.

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          I think Fireside Pies has the best cheesecake--blackberries mixed in with berry sauce on the side...

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            Second that, went to Strong's this past weekend, sat outside, i know it was blazing.. but the courtyard was very nice, can't say enough of the service he was really awesome, brought extra glasses of ice for our drinks several times, burgers were great, meat loaf, not too exciting, but the coconut pie was really great, and i don't even like coconut.

          2. La Duni. Their Quatros Leches (or is it Tres?) cake is almost perfect. The only problem is it is so rich that it sends me into a sugar coma.

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              perry's for brown bag apple pie and chocolate cake--get both and enjoy.

              nobu for mochi, and pear tobanyaki, as well as almost all the desserts.

              jaspers for the trio of desserts

            2. I'll second the La Duni Quatros Leches Cake....RICH! Also, the Tres Leches Cake at Zaguan Bakery is killer and a whole one to take to work when it's your turn for the Birthday cake is a real crowd pleaser as is Eatzi's Sour Cream Chocolate Cake.

              I haven't tried the coconut cream pie at Strong's yet (I like that place alot), but the Capital Grille version is top notch.