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Jul 13, 2008 06:55 PM

Looking for Ideas

Yesterday was the chef's tasting menu at Acquerella; tonight it is Delfina and tomorrow is Restaurant Gary Danko. I've been doing lunch wherever I've ended up around lunchtime. Any ideas for dinner for the rest of the week? Hungry but discriminating (food-wise) Washingtonian in the City by the Bay until Friday and looking for additional dining ideas. This board has been so helpful.

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  1. Aziza

    Hope you report back after your trip about what you liked. I'd do Aziza on Thrusday and do a combo of Orson/Coco500 for Friday. Go to Orson for happy hour and then walk up the street to Aziza. If you are near the Palace Hotel in your wanderings, you might want to check out The Sentinel for lunch. Zuni is a nice lunch spot if you are in the area. Also the Ferry Building has lots of great lunch options.

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