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Jul 13, 2008 06:52 PM

Costco roast chicken

We've been buying Costco roast chicken as a convenience. It's saltier and fattier than I would like, but it's easy and fast after work. It's way too much for the two of us, so we use the leftovers for chili, curry and sandwiches. They must sell a lot of them, so I'm wondering if other chowhounds eat them, or if there's anything about them that I don't know that might make me think they're not a good idea?

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  1. IIRC, the West Coast versions are seasoned differently than the East Coast versions.

    Anyway, I love them - if I have a choice between a dry, bland chicken (which is what most reasonably-priced rotisserie chicken is these days, and I would expect no more anyway) and a fatty, salty chicken, I take that latter hands down. I usually debone them (save the bones for broth making, of course) and chill them before using.

    1. I do a Costco run about every 5-6 weeks and inevitably end up with a chicken. IMO they have the best rotisserie chicken in the area. Sadly they aren't the bargain they were 6 months ago--they were $4.99 and I think they are $6.49 now--but what is?

      After chicken dinner, and maybe lunch from the leftover meat the next day, the carcass goes into the stockpot and I make soup or chicken pot pie (frozen puff pastry from TJ's as a top crust.)

      My understanding is that Costco keeps a close eye on their suppliers, so I don't think the meat they sell is from sick cows or inhumanely treated animals.Those chickens look too good to be Tyson/Perdues, so I'm fine with them.

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        It's 5.49 in the Boston area, a 10% increase. Still a deal, especially since their birds are often at least a pound bigger than anyone else's.

        1. re: Karl S

          In the Toronto area they are 8.99 or 9.99. I forget which.

      2. We just got a Costco in Tallahassee a couple of months ago and are still learning shopping tactics there....but several things are essential each time we go: one of the roast chickens, the hummus, some of the great cheeses, and wine....oh and the flats of strawberries and bunches of asparagus and a tankful of gas.

        1. I don't buy them often, but they are a wonderful tasty convenience on occasion. We have 3 adults in our home now and it makes a nice dinner plus leftovers.

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            We buy them often. It's a nice first meal with rice and a side of broccoli or a side salad. Then we use the leftover meat for enchiladas, chicken salad, and then we still have some leftovers. Great price for such a tasty bird.

          2. They are a great value, as they are much larger than regular mega-mart varieties, I prefer to take the skin off, the meat is always moist and juicy and plenty leftover for sannies!