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Jul 13, 2008 06:41 PM

Philly - Best Cheesesteak near the Ritz Carlton

I will be in town and i am craving the real thing!!

any help would be much appreciated...



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    1. re: productionjon

      I 2nd productionjon's recommendation. Of the commercial/tourist cheesesteak places, Jim's is my favorite by far.

    2. Maybe Rick's in Reading Terminal? I've never been there, so I can't vouch for it, but supposedly it's good. Maybe others can give their two cents on the place, but it's def. closest.

      I love me some Jim's, though. Maybe worth the walk.

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      1. re: hollyd

        I like Rick's at Reading Terminal much better than Jim's, as the latter was dry and gristly the last time I was there.

        But then again, I prefer roast pork to both of 'em!

      2. Well if you are staying at the Ritz, perhaps the 100 dollar cheesesteak at Barclay Prime on Rittenhouse Square would be in order...

        1. Jims is very touristy and you will be disappointed. My suggestion would be to take a cab. You can go to Chinks which is on Columbus Blvd and Christian St (lunch only) or take a cab to Front and Oregon for Tony Lukes or go to Front and Snyder for Johns. None of them are far apart and none of them will even think of asking stupid touristy questions like wit or wit out. If there are three of you and you are really serious then hire a cab and go to all 3 places. Slice the sandwiches up into threes and you become instant cheese steak experts.Save Johns for last since you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven.

          1. FYI - Rick's is gone from Terminal Market.
            As for Jim's, I much prefer Ishkabibble's, which is on the opposite corner of 4th and South. Much better cheesesteak, and they have cheese fries!

            Closer to the Ritz is Tony Luke Jr's, at 18th and Sansom. Good cheesesteak, even better pork and chicken cutlets.

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            1. re: dgphilly

              Rick's is still in the market until the end of October. But if you do decide to go for roast pork, DiNic's in Reading Terminal is the best.

              1. re: dgphilly

                i agree about ishkabibble's being better, though i also agree with other posters that jim's is the best of the touristy ones.

                if you want the real thing go to any of olderphiladelphian's recs. or get one from a food truck on the street.