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Jul 13, 2008 06:25 PM

Dim Sum in the Galleria area of Houston?

Hi y'all. I have a friend who has just moved here from upstate New York, and of all things, he is craving Dim Sum.

I live in The Woodlands, and he is in Katy - is there a good place for Dim Sum somewhere in between, like the Galleria or thereabouts?

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  1. I'd love to hear about any dim sum places at all in the Galleria. You can each take the Sam Houston Tollway and meet up along Bellaire Blvd. in Chinatown at one of the dim sum places there, it may not be any more out of the way for either of you (well, maybe the Woodlands friend).

    1. there are only 3 parts of town with dim sum to my knowledge:

      chinatown - fung's kitchen (CS), ocean palace (CS), new golden palace (CS), hong kong dim sum, dim sum king, and a couple other whole in the walls
      stafford - kim son (CS)
      rice village - yum yum cha

      CS = cart service. the others are made to order.

      my go to place for dim sum is fung's kitchen which is on 59 between bellaire and fondren.

      if you guys know of any other parts of town with dim sum, please share!

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        texnosh - I've only lived in the area for a year myself, so I'm not really familiar with downtown Houston, but it looks like we'll be making a day of it.

        neverfull - thank you for the suggestions! My friend actually lived in Asia for a while, so he's very excited to have good Dim Sum.

        1. re: wozzle1974

          Fungs is the best for Asian or Dim Sum.