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Jul 13, 2008 06:08 PM

Is my baking stone ruined ?

Just came home tonight and the kids tried making pizza......and guess who's home to clean up right behind them. Dried cheese/sauce on the stone and it's not coming out....

I suppose I could try a soak ...

Any ideas or suggestions guys.

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  1. Uhh you should jusst soak and try to scrap the cheese off

    DO NOT use soap!

    Use some hot water and a scraper. Pampered Chef gives a nifty little scraper thing w/ their stoneware products.......

    We made pizza on Friday on my friends stone and used the scraper thing. I would suggest a nylon scraper perhaps if you dont have an official PC one

    1. I'd try my BBQ brush or scrape with a metal flipper

      1. I take the low maintenance road with my pizza stone. I pretty much don't do anything with it. Who cares what it looks like? The sauce and cheese will eventually carbonize. If you leave your stone in your oven all the time like I do, this will happen sooner rather than later.

        1. If your stone has been properly seasoned, you should be able to pick the cheese right off, and like someone else said, you can use a nylon scraper to get most of the rest off, and then just let any mess carbonize.

          If your stone isn't seasoned, do so, because cheese and sauce shouldn't be such a problem. Season by baking a few batches of greasy biscuits and/or cookies on it.

          1. Like Meadandale said, any oils, cheese, and debris will carbonize if you leave it the stone in the oven. I don't think professional bread and pizza cooks dissassemble their ovens. Brush off the loose grit, cornmeal , flour, etc. so it doesn't smoke up your kitchen. If you bake pizza and bread regularly, the 4-500 F. degree heat will keep them sanitary and healthy.
            For 20 years, in both gas and electric ovens I have left them on the racks for thermal mass. This makes for more steady temperatures. The only time my pizza stones have broken is when washing (someone else trying to help me) left unevaporated water in them. Leave'em in place and, when the stone is cool, brush off anything loose.