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Jul 13, 2008 06:07 PM

The Red Inn, Provincetown

Hello there-have never been to the Red Inn, but have walked past many times. Once, I tried to make a reservation but nothing was available until 10pm. Too late for us. But I have read about it, my favorite account in My Provincetown, a book I enjoyed a lot. It seems to have changed hands since then. Any feedback would be very nice. Thank you.

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  1. While I haven't been to The Red Inn for a few years now, probably not since they changed hands, I will admit that the views from the windows anywhere in the Inn are wonderful, but unless the chef is new, the food will be just short of ordinary. It's funky Provincetown at it's most nostalgic. But don't listen to me... go see. BTW: I Love Provincetown!

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      I will go see. BTW I, too, love Provincetown. What a place, what a place!!! I've waited years to afford the Red Inn, now I ALMOST can, and who knows which rendition of the Inn I've read about for so many years I will meet. Life is funny, and I am really happy about walking down that precious road to that very interesting restaurant. Nostalgic, indeed.

      1. re: rosieg

        Hey Rosie,
        go to the Red Inn, it has changed hands and everything I am hearing has been positive and supportive of the new management. We were there a while ago and while expensive, it was worth the ambience.

        1. re: jspear

          jspear-I will go to the Red Inn before the end of summer. We'll go to Provincetown by boat, then sail around the outside of the Cape and make our way to Nantucket, where we'll also visit...the Brotherhood of Theives. How's that for covering the bases?

          1. re: rosieg

            got any room for one more???!!!

            1. re: jspear

              Of course we have room for one more!!! Between the West End and Brant Point we'll survive on hard tack and cod, if we're lucky enough to hook one. Grog upon arrival.