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Caribbean restaurants

I've been noticing lately more and more Caribbean restaurants and the time has come to take the plunge. I don't know much about this type of cuisine and I hate to lump it all in one category since I understand it encompasses various cultures and origins, so I need a primer. What are some good spots around town and are there any specific dish recommendations? I am aware of Mr. Spicee and the famous doubles but what else?
Also isn't there some carifiesta every year in Mtl...they must have food at that event...

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  1. Next spring, you may want to check out A Taste of the Caribbean food festival: http://atasteofthecaribbean.ca/

    Stands with many different types of Caribbean food from a huge array of countries, from Anguilla to Trinidad & Tobago: http://atasteofthecaribbean.ca/partic...

    I've been to Caraibe Delite on Parc (thanks for the name, carswell! I tried to reply over in that post but it kept timing out) and had some fried potato patties that were very good. I'm interested to hear others' reports too, as I haven't explored this cuisine as much as I would like to.

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      Have you gone to any editions of A Taste of the Caribbean? I went to this year's edition(several weeks ago), & thought it was fairly good. It was my second time attending it(the one I attended several years ago, I wasn't that impressed with the food).

      Yes, it would be best for 'hungryann' to go to next year's A Taste of the Caribbean, if she wants to sample a broad range of Caribbean food(some of it, generally unavailable in Montreal from any Caribbean restaurant). Plus it's held in Ville St-Laurent, Ann's neighbourhood(maybe, based on her previous postings on this board).

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        Indeed it is my hood; very good memory! I will be on the lookout next year for this festival.

    2. L Corridor (3655 St-Laurent) is pretty decent for takeout (I guess we can call the food Jamaican?), with a very pleasant proprietor. They also have a counter for eating in. The oxtail and goat curry is very comforting and the patties are pretty good. Never tried their jerk chicken though, not sure if they can really do it well indoors, the thing needs some nice coal barbeque.

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        I am also a huge fan of El Corridor, this is a lady who knows how to cook. Goat roti and the oxtail are my favorite. As well, her scotch bonnet based hot sauce is completely addictive, I am close to drinking that stuff like punch. This may be my favorite spicy sauce in the world! (And I am even including my beloved kochuchang sauce).

        I have also been enjoying the goat roti at Caraibe Delite on Parc, a Guyanese style roti. Their spicy hot sauce is also excellent.

      2. Ma's Place on Sherbrooke at Clifton in NDG is pretty good. I've had some terrific oxtail and some yummy fried and jerk chicken there.

        Ange & Ricky in Villeray has gotten tons of recs on this board. Their homemade lemonade is something else.

        Jardin Du Cari and Caraibe Delite serve up some tasty Guyanese rotis and the homemade peanut punch is delicious.

        1. There's a Caribbean restaurant on St Denis called Kalalu. I haven't eaten there yet, but it's on my to-do list. I spent 2 weeks this winter in Anguilla and loved the local dishes, notably the goat stews and jerk chicken with rice and peas. There was quite a bit of cinnamon in all the dishes.

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            I'm partial to Ma's on Sherbrooke West in NDG. The stew chicken was always very good and the portion were big.

            Pick's (across from Vendome metro) used to be good too until it changed names.

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              I have only tried it for take out and I'm not an expert on Caribbean food, but Anancy, a BYOB at 6587 Somerled in NDG, makes tasty jerk chicken and the sides of beans and rice and fried plantains were tasty. It always seems to have a crowd, more than some of the other choices on the commercial strip on Somerled.

          2. My current favourite is Bon App├ętit des Caraibes, at Notre-Dame & Atwater.
            They have specials (ex.: 2 for 1 potato roti on Wednesdays!) and they make great doubles and polourie (sp?) They also have an awesome all-you-can-eat brunch on Sundays for about $10...

            1. the Caribbean Curry House on Victoria is pretty good.

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                If it weren't for the surly service there, I would go more often.

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                  there's service?? I usually just wait at the counter for my order...=)

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                  Is there a particular dish you recommend?

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                    I usually go there for the roti. They have an really good boneless chicken roti. Most of the prices are pretty reasonable.

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                      they are riding on their rep.
                      They use frozen cut up veggies.
                      Try M.spicee across the street - take out only.

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                        I was in the Pierrefonds area last week and tried, Spicy Island Restaurant on Gouin. It was the best roti I have had in the city, very fresh. I always find that Curry House ingredients are not very fresh, Jardin du Curry is good, the one on Notre Dame near Atwater is ok but Spicy Island defintitely blows them all out.

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                          Good to know as I often pass by but it looks closed a lot of the times. Do they have doubles there?

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                            I don't think I noticed doubles on the menu, just the standard 8 or so items on their menu. If I remember correctly I think their business hours said they were closed 2 days of the week (sunday/monday or monday/tues I believe). We were there at around 2pm on a saturday afternoon and they were preparing for their night rush I guess (they were pre-cooking their jerk chicken) and I'm sure even the stew for the roti was just made as it took them a while (we were the only ones there at the time) but that's probably why it really tasted fresh.

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                              Great, thanks. I will have to check out the jerk chicken and roti.

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                    I just had some shrimp curry from there last week, and something must have changed because their rice and stuff is way tastier than it used to be. The last time I had been there before that was a few months ago. My husband claims they have hired some new staff. Yay!