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Jul 13, 2008 05:10 PM

HELP - Need suggestions for places that serve late lunches

My chowfriend and I often get together on a weekday for lunch but due to his business it often turns out we aren't going until 2:30 to 4 pm...kind of a chow wasteland time as a lot of the places stop serving lunch at 3 pm and don't start serving dinner until 5 at the earliest...

For example, this past Friday we went to Young Thailand on Dundas W...we didn't get there until just before 3 pm when they finish serving lunch....they were GREAT and did let us order and eat...we hurried as we didn't want to inconvenience them....

We love anything sushi, love Indian, love Thai...we'll drive pretty much anywhere for good chow but we need help for the mid-afternoon timeframe...

Any suggestions would be most welcome...thanks.

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  1. Beer Bistro is a fave of mine for a late lunch (i.e. 3:30pm).

    1. Utopia on College for crazy good burritos is my favourite. Another goodie is Island Foods for rotis on King, just east of Dufferin.

      1. JK Wine Bar serves lunch late.