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Jul 13, 2008 04:55 PM

Vegetarian options at Grand Sichuan St. Marks

I like Grand Sichuan St. Marks, enough to want to order delivery from time to time, but my girlfriend is vegetarian. While I often dismiss her complaints, I think she is right that most Chinese dishes, including the few she's tried from Grand Sichuan St. Marks, fall in one of two categories - 'gloppy' Americanized junk, or plain 'side dish' type items that consist of just one vegetable (say, sauteed string beans) best eaten by carnivores as a compliment to a meat dish.

I'm craving the cumin beef tonight and am trying to convince her to order. Are there any 100% vegetarian dishes (ie, not the Me Pa To Fu) that are entree sized and comprised of more than just one vegetable that you would recommend?

Perhaps the Mixed Vegetables in a Little Wok, #102?

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  1. The folks at Grand Sichuan are pretty accomodating of vegetarians. If she doesn't want to do noodles or doesn't like vegetarian mapo tofu, you can always ask for recommendations from the staff.

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      Thanks. This is a great suggestion if we were eating at the restaurant. Rather, we typically order takeout, and must do so over Seamless Web (they won't deliver to my little corner of Nolita if we call the restaurant directly), so we have limited opportunity to interact with the staff.

      As such, any specific vegetarian dish recommendations either right off the menu or modified versions? I didn't even know one could order vegetarian Ma Po To Fu.

      1. re: Jorel

        For vegetarian meals, you may need to do an appetizer in addition to the entree if your GF wants variety. My experience with their vegetarian options is infrequent (I too just discovered the cumin beef and am now addicted), but I have liked:
        Vegetarian dan dan noodles (no pork)
        Sichuan cold noodles
        Vegetarian kung pao (believe it's made with potatoes, comes from 7th Ave menu)
        Tofu in Little Hot Wok
        Pumpkin Seed Goji Soup (from 7th Ave menu, made with veg broth)

        There's also stinky tofu if she wants to be very authentic. Then of course there are noodles, which are still authentic, and mapo tofu, which you should order extra ma la. Just be specific in the comments section of Seamless Web and you should be fine, and try to eat in the restaurant at least once to get some more recommendations you can bring back home.

    2. The 24th street location has a great crispy tofu dish. Not sure if they have it at the St. Marks location.

      1. I often order mapo tofu without the pork -- it's still delish.