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Jul 13, 2008 04:54 PM

Best supermarket stuffing?

Do any of you have a favorite supermarket stuffing mix (chicken, turkey, cornbread flavor?)
Rather than trying all the different brands, I am looking for some direction.

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  1. I don't think the flavor really matters, the trick is to doctor it up.. I buy cornbread or regular blue bag of petridge farm.. anyway, I mix it with sauted onion, celery (mushrooms optional) butter, chicken stock, salt, pepper and plenty of sage.. follow directions on the pack, you heat up the chicken stock with water and butter and add it to the mixture, make sure it is really wet when you bake it for moist stuffing, really gooey, not soupy.. I keep mixing in more moisture till the right consistency.

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    1. stovetop turkey flavor combined with stovetop cornbread flavor. it is the best approximation of my homemade using homemade cornbread and the bulk herb-flavored stuffing from pepperidge farm, plus the fixings: celery, onion, broth, a little poultry seasoning....

      haven't tried this supposedly new one:

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        the box mix shows up in the first link, but i mean the bagged bulk stuff.

        good site for nutrition info....

      2. Pepperidge Farm is the only instant stuffing I'll buy. It tastes less fake than Stove Top or the store brands. Not to say it tastes homemade, because it doesn't, but you can doctor it up a bit and it is a reasonable alternative.

        I don't find PF stuffing in all grocery stores, but if you have a PF outlet near you, they always have it.

        1. Ever since I read the nutrition labels for stuffing mixes I shun them. Most contain high fructose corn syrup (in stuffing?!) and high sodium levels. Rather make my own.

          1. surely everyone *prefers* to make their own. sometimes you don't have time. plus, you can use it with deli sliced fresh roast turkey breast, and a can of cran -- you can get a quickie turkey-day fix. very important.

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              Alls I'm sayin' is, high fructose corn syrup is enough to turn me off of any product. I'll do without if there's no time to make my own, rather than consume HFCS.

              1. re: janniecooks

                funnily enough, looking up the ingredients, i happened upon the kraft stovetop dressing clone recipe (ha ha)

                now that is funny!

                this ingredient list is not too tasty-sounding, as you say, jannie:

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                  that is pretty funny, I'm surprised zusie-q used sugar rather than corn syrup--wouldn't that be closer to the "original"?

                  As you can see the original is no great shakes - one serving provides 460g of sodium - 19% of the RDV, and who would ever be satisfied with the quantity defined as one serving? And besides the HCFS the produce includes partially hydrogenated oil. The top baddies of the processed food world all in one convenient package!