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Jul 13, 2008 04:49 PM

Any places with good dinner buffets?

My parents eally enjoy buffets, because they can see and pick exactly what they will be getting. It also helps when they are trying different ethnic cuisine. With that said, I'm trying to find some Manhattan restaurant options that serve dinner buffets. I appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks! Amy

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  1. Ive been to Todai twice and it is what it is, a buffet...LARGE selection.

    Another is : Porcao (churrascaria

    1. Have you considered a Brazilian churrascaria? Porcao on Park Avenue South was a fun and delicious experience for our family, better I thought than Plataforma. Tons of help-yourself hot and cold dishes and great service.

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        Ha! The reply above my was not visible when I wrote. Great minds...

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          you're right, citykid....GREAT MINDS! :)

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            Thanks kcijones001 and City Kid. I will definitely try them both. Also thanks for the tip on Porcao vs. Plataforma.