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Jul 13, 2008 04:00 PM

50th birthday gourmet and romantic

My husband's 50th birthday is in 3 weeks, and I really am looking for romance ambiance more than gourmet. Thoughts are top of the rock? water's edge in brooklyn, pool room at 21, daniel? any other ideas would be welcome, and i certainly realize that it is late notice for many restaurants.

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  1. By "top of the rock," are you referring to The Rainbow Room? Also, the pool room is at The Four Seasons, not the 21 Club.

    Daniel's cuisine is superb, and the decor is very fancy-schmancy though I'm not sure I'd describe the ambiance as romantic.

    1. yes i am sorry---pool room at four seasons, and the river cafe in brooklyn. jean georges would probably be over 300?

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        To start, Jean Georges is definitely haute cuisine (gourmet).

        Since you have to include tax (almost 9%) and tip (20%), the only way you can get out of Jean Georges for less than $300 is to have the 3-course prix-fixe @ $98pp and drink only "Chateau Bloomberg," aka tap water. On second thought, you might be able to swing a glass of wine each @ max $15 per glass, or a bottle if you can find one on the list that's not over $30.

        In line with your desire for romantic, while the overall decor at Jean Georges is understated contemporary, there are two tables for two, each set in a recessed nook, which are quite romantic. If you decide to go, request one of them.

        Three weeks out may seem late, but when we went to J.G. for the first time in October, we were able to successfully reserve only 3 days prior to the date we wanted. The trick is to be flexible. We were willing to dine early (6 p.m.) or late (after 9:30 p.m.). We chose the latter, were never rushed, and had a lovely experience.

        Happy 50th Birthday to your husband and Bon Appetit!