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Jul 13, 2008 03:56 PM

Looking for local restaurants in Eleuthera

My husband and I are heading to Eleuthera next week and are looking for good local restaurants. We don't want stuffy places where you dress up. More like low-key places where you can hang out in flip-flops, grab a beer and enjoy some great food. Any suggestions?

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  1. rainbow is pretty good. so is cush's place. haven't sailed there in a few years but i felt right at home at both in my sunburn and boatshoes.

    1. What part of Eleuthera are you staying?

      Most restaurants fit your bill where dress is casual and flip flops are fine, however skimpy bathing suits and such are usually frowned upon and coverups are recommended. Everything on Eleuthera is low key.

      Here's a list of restaurants:

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        At the Cove in Gregory Town. Looks like there are some good spots on the list. Island Grog at the Seaside bar at the Rainbow sound pretty good right now. Any suggestions on the best place to eat with sand between your toes?

        1. re: morr27

          rainbow and cush's work for me. cush's especially. any more kicked back and we would have to check your pulse. locals and sailors primarily. can't say i've ever seen a tourista there but maybe i failed to notice.

          1. re: steve h.

            Yeah... Cush's is a cool place. When you say "sand between your toes", it reminds of a trippy little place on the Exuma Sound side just north of Tarpum Bay. Can't recall the name, but do have the coordinates. You can plug these into the likes of Google map; don't forget to switch to "satellite view": N25.03158 W76.14131.

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              eleuthera and the exumas are pretty special. i used to sail out of hatchet bay when john spencer was running eleuthera bahamas charters. one of my favorite places was a no-name bar just down the road. nothing fancy, just a bar, a pool table and a few four-tops. you would walk across the street to a private house where the owner would cook up a lunch or dinner for you that you would take back to the bar. good times.

            2. re: steve h.

              Does anyone know how far the Cove is from Cush's? the Cove is so pricey, we are looking for alternative places to eat. Thanks!

              1. re: shalack

                the cove is up by gregory town?
                i'm guessing you're looking at a 20 minute cab ride. maybe a little more.

        2. Tippy's, Unique Village, and Mate and Jenny's are all places I've enjoyed. Unique Village is a little flossier, but it has music (check out the pan drum player if he's still there). I think I also ate Sharil's and if that's where I was, the hamburgers were divine and the place immaculate. Papa George makes good pizza, though expensive--plan to grab a beer and take it out somewhere atmospheric. Also, if you're in Tarpum Bay, check out the conch lady on the waterfront for fresh conch salad, and Miss Sheila's, if it's open.

          1. You should check out the Fish Fry in Governor's Harbor. It is low key by the water food fest. You can meet some other tourists and locals too. The conch fritters were my favorite. That was one of my favorite nights there. Ask the locals about it...I know it used to be on Fridays, but I don't know if it's changed.
            All of Eleuthera is very laid back. Some love it for that reason and some hate it. It was the best vacation I've ever had.
            Have Fun!