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Jul 13, 2008 03:54 PM

Top Rated Unique Vegas Restaurants & Engagement

I need help with finding some great unique Vegas restaurants! I have never been to Vegas before, but from looking at all the websites, there are just too many restaurants to pick from! I am looking for something with a fun atmosphere and cool scenery. I'm not picky on the types of food at these restaurants. My girlfriend and I will be in Vegas for several days, so I would like to be able to choose between 3-4 amazing restaurants to live the Vegas experience!

About the engagement part...I am planning on getting engaged to my girlfriend in Vegas. So all you Vegas-goers, I am needing help on finding the perfect spot to propose, whether it be at dinner (why I came to Chow for all your great ideas!) or another Vegas hotspot. Your input is much appreciated! I have no idea what Vegas is really like or what to expect (the closest I can get is from the internet), so I am not able to picture where the best spot will be ask the big question! I want it to be something she will remember forever...

Thanks much!

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  1. i would consider one of the wynn resta. urants! ALEX, SW, BARTOLATA. the restaurants are all first class

    1. After celebrating our anniversary July 4th at Alize, I wouldn't hesitate to reccommend it for both good food and romantic atmosphere.

      1. In General: Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy, Bradley Ogden, B&B (Italian), Bouchon (breakfast, lunch and dinner), Mon Ami Gabi (for lunch, sit outside watch Bellagio fountains), Delmonico's (steak), Michael Mina (seafood), N9ne Steakhouse (Palms, young trendy crowd), MESA Grill (Bobby Flay, younger crowd)

        Special Engagement Locations: Alize and Mix have incredible views (top of the Palms and TheHotel - Mandalay bay), Eiffel Tower Restaurant (100 feet above the strip)

        If you eat at one of the Wynn restaurants that are by the late, Daniel Boulud, SW Steakhouse and ask for a table outside (or I believe they also have private Cabanas), you can propose on the lake, which is a great setting.

        Good Luck!

        1. Picasso at the Bellagio is a fantastic place to do it. Request to sit next to a window and the entire dinner you get to watch the beautiful water show, the view is amazing inside the resturant and out, its a place you would never forget. The food is also very well executed, I recently dined there and was impressed.

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