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Jul 13, 2008 03:51 PM

McCormick & Schmick's - opinions, please

We're getting a McCormick and Schmick's, and that's one restaurant with which I have NO experience at all. I've never been, nor do I know anyone who has. What's the general consensus on the place? Yes, I know it's a chain, which automatically makes it evil to some people, but some honest opinions would be great. I've already heard coworkers talking about it, so I know I'll end up there for lunch, probably sooner rather than later.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We eat at the one here in Phoenix. I've also been to one in Seattle several times when living htere - typically for happy hour as they have a great happy hour.

    it's consistent and the fish is always good quality. Stick with simple preparations and they do this quite well. In a city where there were lot so of great seafood options I'd choose somwhere else(again in Seattle we went for happy hour...for dinner there were tons of great seafood options) but here in Phoenix we are limited and it is one of the best options locally for quality fish and seafood.

    1. I went there for dinner once (there's a post on it on another thread) and it was awful. And I have nothing against chains at all. It simply was terrible.

      1. I have gone there for alunch a couple of times and gotten their shrimp pasta alfredo. Not bad, but if a place cant do an alfredo sauce they probably shouldnt be in business. I would never waste a dinner on McCormick, and Schmicks.

        1. We have 2 here in Austin, I have eaten at both of them numerous times, and we have enjoyed our meals each and every time. Is it as good as the seafood I was used to in NY and Florida in great local joints .. NO. Is it consistently decent fresh seafood at reasonable prices and nicely presented with good service ... YES.
          And I agree that their happy hour is terrific !

          1. My first advice on chains is that it all depends on the chef and their staff whether the recipes fly. Sometimes passion does not translate, sometimes it soars. However, the restaurants are branded as fine dining/seafood.

            It is my experience (in Irvine, CA) that McCormick and Schmick's brews their own beer and that is one of the pulls for dicerning diners. They also offer small plates for happy hour as low as $1.95 and they want to be famous for their Happy Hours.

            I have watched the chef at Irvine M&S give a cooking demonstration at department store (Bloomingdale's) and he missed his own recipe. But, the written recipe was great and pretty and inventive. Could have been just that day or circumstance being out of his own kitchen.

            I have eaten in the dining room at McCormick and Schmick's a few times and it was all just so regular. And, that was okay for me at that time. And, it was dark inside. If you like that ambience - like an old wooden yacht at dusk, then you'll like it as much as I did.

            The menu may change a little as far as seasonal foods are - so I would think that would make a difference also in your liking it.

            I would go and try it, take a look at their menu and see if anything appeals to your craving that day and enjoy. They aren't bad. Just don't expect a mechanical server. They work better when you invite them to take interest in your menu choices or vice versa.


            I know that sounds kind of dry just giving the facts without the rah rahs, so . . . .

            Sure, visit, enjoy ! And, report back on your location for us. Thanks.

            My opinion of the Irvine location is that, for their price, there are better places to be had on the coast in Newport Beach. But, not everybody has the same.