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Jul 13, 2008 03:38 PM

best Korean restaurant in Mississauga?

I am planning to take my parents (both Korean) out for dinner when we are visiting Mississauga next month.
We have eaten at the Minami on Dundas (my mother thinks it a bit too salty), and also at Miga. (I was okaaay with it before but thought their chapchae was weird and their fish stew hotpot was boring).

To you Mississauga Chowhounds - are there any recommendations for new, really tasty Korean restos in the Mississauga or Etobicoke area?

Thank you!

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  1. There are no good Korean restaurants in mississauga. Atleast nothing worth taking Korean's too.

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      Not true. Man Doo Hyang, at 169 Dundas Street East (east of Hurontario) - (905) 897-3355 - is excellent, and is frequently filled with only Koreans. Try the spicy squid and pork dish (on hot plate)... Also, Chodang Soon Tofu is excellent...

    2. Why don't you try Chodang Soon Tofu in Etobicoke? I've been there and I love their soon tofu. Unfortunately it is a small place, so it won't have a lot of choices.

      Check this thread:

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        I second the recommendation for Chodang Soon Tofu (my first time today, based on Chowhound reviews). Excellent, friendly service - and the soon tofu is a must.

        1. re: EtobicokeTaster

          I third Chodang. Not fancy-but solid. fresh tofu is great, also good dolsot bibimbop and great soups...I also like their 'spicey chicken'

          1. re: DDD

            Thank you everyone - I am definitely going to check out the Chodang place!

      2. Now, I'm no expert re: Korean food, I'll admit, but there's a resto named Manna in the Burnhamthorpe and Dundas W area, which I thought was excellent. English menus, and a seemingly much broader Korean one as well. Not a fine dining establishment by any means...simple dishes and cutlery, but the service was good and friendly, and the price was right.