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best Korean restaurant in Mississauga?

mcvixen Jul 13, 2008 03:38 PM

I am planning to take my parents (both Korean) out for dinner when we are visiting Mississauga next month.
We have eaten at the Minami on Dundas (my mother thinks it a bit too salty), and also at Miga. (I was okaaay with it before but thought their chapchae was weird and their fish stew hotpot was boring).

To you Mississauga Chowhounds - are there any recommendations for new, really tasty Korean restos in the Mississauga or Etobicoke area?

Thank you!

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    ricenice RE: mcvixen Jul 15, 2008 12:31 PM

    There are no good Korean restaurants in mississauga. Atleast nothing worth taking Korean's too.

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    1. re: ricenice
      redearth RE: ricenice Jul 15, 2008 07:42 PM

      Not true. Man Doo Hyang, at 169 Dundas Street East (east of Hurontario) - (905) 897-3355 - is excellent, and is frequently filled with only Koreans. Try the spicy squid and pork dish (on hot plate)... Also, Chodang Soon Tofu is excellent...

    2. k
      kaka RE: mcvixen Jul 15, 2008 01:58 PM

      Why don't you try Chodang Soon Tofu in Etobicoke? I've been there and I love their soon tofu. Unfortunately it is a small place, so it won't have a lot of choices.

      Check this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/476847

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      1. re: kaka
        EtobicokeTaster RE: kaka Jul 18, 2008 03:37 PM

        I second the recommendation for Chodang Soon Tofu (my first time today, based on Chowhound reviews). Excellent, friendly service - and the soon tofu is a must.

        1. re: EtobicokeTaster
          DDD RE: EtobicokeTaster Jul 19, 2008 05:08 AM

          I third Chodang. Not fancy-but solid. fresh tofu is great, also good dolsot bibimbop and great soups...I also like their 'spicey chicken'

          1. re: DDD
            mcvixen RE: DDD Sep 15, 2008 07:44 PM

            Thank you everyone - I am definitely going to check out the Chodang place!

      2. d
        Darksyde RE: mcvixen Jul 19, 2008 07:04 AM

        Now, I'm no expert re: Korean food, I'll admit, but there's a resto named Manna in the Burnhamthorpe and Dundas W area, which I thought was excellent. English menus, and a seemingly much broader Korean one as well. Not a fine dining establishment by any means...simple dishes and cutlery, but the service was good and friendly, and the price was right.

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