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Recent Salt report

I have a birthday coming up soon and was considering trying Salt in Baltimore for it. Any recent reports on the place? The things that are attracting me are the foie gras slider and the duck fat fries, although the rest of the menu looks decent as well.

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  1. Both of those items are great, and go really well together. You could order an appetizer then the foie gras slider and the duck fat fries as your main.

    I have had other great dishes there before, along with some okay ones. Only thing I had there I didnt like was pasta dish, a ravioli dish that was on their menu when they first opened, it just didnt have much flavor. I think they tend to do better with heartier dishes as opposed to light ones.

    1. We are their often (check other posts) The spring menu is great. They just tweaked it a little for the summer. All the fish dishes are excellent. This is by far our favorite since the Bicycle changed owners . We were their a few weeks ago and will be their tomorrow evening. You won't be disappointed if you are looking for food that is out of the ordinary

      1. It's funny that you mention those two items because it's what I usually get when I go to Salt. I'll be honest, it isn't the type of place I would typically go, but since a number of my friends live in Butcher's Hill, we tend to go there from time to time. The sliders and fries together make a great dinner. Do note that it can get more than a bit loud. The drinks are also nice but can be very pricey. Thankfully, I'm not really much of a mixed-drinks person.

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          What would you choose instead that's roughly in that price range?

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            Nice to hear their fish dishes are good. Looking back I've never eaten fish there before, save for the fish taco appetizer, which I do remember being quite delicious. The GF tends to like lighter dishes by nature, so its good to know that their fish doesn't disappoint. Summer menu looks to have some winners.

            On an semi-related note, it seems poke is the new tuna tartare.

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              I agree with the volume issue, it was very loud when I was there. The sliders are wonderful! I'd suggest Jack's, in the same price range, also lots of creativity in the dishes, small and intimate, less noise and more 'neighborhood-y'

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                Sorry Jon, I didn't want to imply that I don't typically go to Salt because I don't like the food. It's just that for an 'occasion dinner', I normally don't pick a 'seen and be seen' place, which may seem odd because I'm still of that age where you'd expect me to do so. Maybe if it was larger party with several friends.

                Still, to answer your question: My experiences coupled with two very recent trips to Bicycle by close friends with rave reviews would probably have me picking that as an appropriate substitute. But that doesn't mean that Salt would be a bad choice. It's been consistently good every time I've went.

            2. I don't think you can compare Jack's to Salt. Love them both but Jacks is a neighborhood bar with some interesting entrees but mostly heavy items few fish items. Salt is more upscale innovative food. As I said love them both just don't think they are the same type of restaurant

              1. So we did go to Salt Saturday night. Nice place -- more casual than I was expecting, which is a good thing. It would lead me to return again.

                The Kobe/foie gras slider was the highlight. Simply delicious. The two of us got one with an order of the duck fat fries to split as an appetizer, but if I went again I'd be sorely tempted to order one or two with the fries as my meal. The fries came with a trio of dipping sauces, but only the white truffle aioli was a star. It managed to be both light and earthy at the same time. We finished all of that one -- the others didn't compare.

                My girlfriend got the Lobster BLT as her entree. This was another winner. Chunks of lobster with applewood bacon and heirloom tomato -- very flavorful and a full tomato taste. Served with a salad of diced yellow and red watermelon with basil, cilantro, and some other herb. It also came with curry potato chips, but I don't think either of us tried them. Overall a perfect dish for a summer evening.

                I got a duck ravioli with wild mushrooms which was quite flavorful, but not really what I was expecting. I think I'd love this dish in November, but it didn't really hit the spot on a sultry July evening. I take the blame here -- it was a poor choice given the weather. I'd go back in the winter and eat it again.

                We had a 2003 Spanish Monastrel that was very good and a very reasonable $30.

                In all there were a couple of misfires, one of which I'll take the blame for (although they might have taken the ravioli off the menu for summer -- this is a fall and winter dish through and through). But it was a very enjoyable meal, and the total bill was quite reasonably just over $100 including wine and tax but minus tip.

                1. I was also there on Friday night and found it to be one of the better meals I've had in recent memory.

                  My wife started with the gazpacho trio and had the Wahoo filet. The tomato gazpacho was my favorite, just the right amount of spice. The mango could have served as a dessert to be honest. The wahoo was cooked flawlessly, but the quinoa salad was underseasoned. We asked for some salt, but it appeared their grinder was broken, and none came out.

                  I had the avocado ball and corn salad, which was my favorite part of the meal. The corn was so sweet and crisp and the avocado ball had a wonderful presentation. My second course was the barramundi with a pepper salad and a guava lime glaze and purple rice with edamame. The purple rice and edamame were also underseasoned. The fish tasted phenomenal, but I found some scales along the belly of the fish which is food prep 101, and was taken aback by that. I informed the manager and she comp'd us the desconstructed banana split dessert.

                  We had a bottle of Rose which was fantastic for $30. I was very unimpressed by their cocktails though. They seemed watered down and not well thought out.

                  Overall, it was a great meal and I thoroughly enjoyed their lighter summer fare. There were a couple of mishits, but I am willing to over look them.

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                    We went to Salt this week because we found out they do NOT participate in RW. We just had salads and appetizers, but I was reminded how great the slider is there! Yum!