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Jul 13, 2008 02:16 PM

Illusion Steakhouse, Morganville (Marlboro), NJ

No that is not an illusion you are reading. It appears that steakhouses are busting out all over the area. Porterhouse Grill, in Old Bridge; Steakhouse 85, in New Brunswick; and now we can add to the list, Illusion Steakhouse.

Morganville is not a "town"; it's one of three p.o. addresses in Marlboro Township. Illusion is located located just down the road from the Morganville Post Office, on Tennent Road, about a 1/4 mile north of Route 79. Truly an odd spot for a steakhouse, I think. I recall seeing a sign along the road a couple of months ago announcing the coming of a steakhouse and wondering where, exactly, it was going to be built. I hadn't been that far south on Tennent again until this afternoon, and I now have my answer.

I believe there was previously a tavern on this property. But the building that is standing there now looks brandy new. Signage on the building and on a curb post has been installed. All the landscaping is in -- very attractive -- and the parking lot is newly-paved. New dumpsters have been positioned in the back.

I could not see into the inside because the door windows were papered over, so I can't say how far along they are with interior work. However, an inspection form taped to the glass was visible, and if the check marks are any indication, coupled with the aforementioned landscaping and paving, my guess is that this place is going to be ready soon.

Googling, I could not find a website.

I will now keep a regular eye on this Illusion and report back. Stay tuned!

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  1. yep that used to be the old 'Ville Tavern

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    1. re: lori529

      Thanks, Lori, for providing the name I couldn't remember.

    2. And don't forget relative newcomers South Street Steakhouse in Freehold and Scorpio's in Jackson.

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      1. re: jsfein

        Yes, of course, jsfein. Though I'm almost surprised they're still open, especially Scorpio's, given all the scorchingly negative reports about it. I recall only one report about South Street, and the thing that stands out in my memory is how ridiculously expensive it was. I've never been tempted to try it. Have you ever eaten there?

        1. re: RGR

          I have not been to either restaurant, RGR. I will probably eventually get around to trying the one in Freehold due to its proximity (assuming its still around when I finally get to it).

      2. Illusion Steak house will be open september 25th the main website is not up yet but for now the site is . This steakhouse wont be a traditional american steakhouse. It Has creative interior/exterior look and will have a wide variety of dishes.

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          I've been to South St. and the short report is that it wasn't bad, but wasn't good enough to justify the prices. Still a very nice space with the different rooms and certainly a decent choice to impress somebody without leaving Freehold.

        2. Passed by this evening and a sign said, "Grand Opening Sept. 30th." There were lots of cars in the parking lot, so they were either doing staff training or a friends and family.

          1. I must say that i am little overwhelmed. Very unique in comparison to whats around. Menu is fine and the porter house was cooked to perfection. Place is not huge but can fit about 100 people or so. Service can use some work but then again, the place just opened up. Owner is very friendly and i recommend a visit or two

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            1. re: foodcritic60

              I have gone there twice now and have been happy both times. The decor is very nice, a roundish room with a painted ceiling and murals on the walls, plus a second room upstairs. The service was very good considering they haven't been opened all that long.
              Now onto the food. I had a special aged ribeye the first time and the ribeye off the menu the second time. Both were excellent but the aged ribeye special was far superior.

              1. re: CSmooth

                They have a website now (Though not really, one of those irritating "under construction" things...)