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Jul 13, 2008 01:23 PM

5 Guys Burgers & Fries - SLC

Been seeing the billboard coming out of Utah county for awhile now, and then saw the location in Ft. Union. Had to give it a try given the hype.

In a word - meh, if that is a word.

Place was packed at lunch but they were handling things quickly, and apparently way too quickly in my case.

The menu lists a slew of ingredients, all of which are available gratis with your burger. There are only 4 types of burgers available: burger, cheeseburger, baconburger, bacon cheeseburger.

In the mood for a burgery mess, and wanting to see what this place could dish up, I decided on a bacon cheeseburger with everything except ketchup and lettuce (I do not use ketchup on anything, and do not like lettuce on sandwiches, especially hot ones).

After ordering what I wanted (pretty sure about this) the cashier then explained that only some things (in red) came automatically, and that the others had to be requested. She then asked me again what I would like. Despite having thought I had already told her, I rethought things.

In red, scattered amongst the other items (not in order):

ketchup mayo mustard lettuce tomato sauteed mushrooms pickles fried onions

On the request list (also not in order):

BBQ sauce relish hot sauce jalapeƱos A-1 sauce onions

My order:

Bacon cheeseburger with everything, no ketchup, no lettuce, add hot sauce

Everybody with me?

What I got was 2 beef patties with the equivalent of maybe 1.5 strips of bacon, no condiments whatsoever, a couple of semi-mealy tomato slices and a nice portion of sauteed mushrooms.

Of the 10 ingredients involved not including the bun, they missed over half. I took the unwrapped burger back to the pickup counter and plopped it down. Management dude asked if there was a problem and I said my burger was totally wrong. He immediately went into Stepford grin mode and asked what was missing.

Initially thinking I might not have said cheese, I mentioned no mustard, no mayo, no grilled onions (forgot the pickles) no hot sauce. Mr. Stepford said he'd get me the first 3 right away. I went back to my table and looked at the receipt, and confirmed that I had ordered cheese and it had been input. I then went back and showed Mr. Stepford, who indicated that would be a problem.

He told me to go dress my burger and he'd have fresh patties with cheese right out to me.
Fair enough.

Once I got my almost correct burger (no hot sauce in evidence) I was pretty underwhelmed. The beef reminded me of Wendy's in terms of taste and texture.
Bun was absolutely nothing special, and I can't see it holding up if they would truly prepare a slopfest when ordered.

Mushrooms were fresh and tasty enough, but considering my tab was over $10 and the fact that my order was not totally correct, I can't see going back.

Fries were tasty while hot, but as with any mass production operation, they cooled rather quickly and lost a chunk of their appeal just as fast.

Lunch at Acme might run a couple bucks more (sans beer), and Adam Kreisel is no longer running the kitchen, but I'd much rather keep spending my burger bucks there.

Only positive to the meal at 5 Guys is the minidachshunds got to enjoy the 1st 2 beef patties.

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  1. Yikes! Acme it is then. How does 5 Guys compare to the Training Table? Also, where is Adam Keisel now?

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    1. re: enbell

      Training Table is easily the winner up against 5 Guys. I definitely prefer their charbroiled patties and TT's cheese fries are perhaps the best in town. I know I like their fry sauce the best of anybody's.

      Don't think Adam Kreisel has landed anywhere yet... a phone call is in order to find out what he is up to.

      1. re: GroovinGourmet

        Isn't five guys essentially a fast food joint though? ACME is aiming a good deal higher than that?


        1. re: gringo_stu

          I would agree that Acme is a different beast. But an Acme classic with a couple of toppings, small shoestrings and a soft drink is going to be just a tad more money, and way, way, way better.

          The quantity of fries was indeed massive. Even if they had stayed hot I could not have finished the order.

    2. I used to love 5 Guys in Virginia. Sounds like the same franchise, although I am surprised they would open other stores (especially so far from the east coast). They have a lot of locations in DC area (including one in Dulles Airport if I am not mistaken).

      It is fast food (although everything is made to order), in the same vain as In-N-Out (although with a drastically different product, and a lot of selections of toppings) - local fast food burger chain.

      One of their things, is that they give you tons of fries (which are hand cut, and cooked in Peanut oil). If you order a small fry, they fill the cup, then hold the fry scoop over your bag, and let a ton of extras fall into it.

      It isn't a foodie quality burger, but a solid meal, and a giant step above national fast food chains.

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      1. re: Booger

        May be a bit off-topic, but I recently ejoyed the best burger I've had yet in Utah. Red Rock is doing a Kobe burger that's astounding. I had it up at the Kimball Junction location as a special. The waitress said it's in their computer system permanently so you can order at any time and they're just waiting to get the menu's updated. It was so juicy and just full of that really natural beefy flavor. They top it with a worcestershire mayo and some smokey chedder. I don't know if the Salt Lake location is serving it or not, but if not, it's definitely worth the trip up Parley's.