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Jul 13, 2008 01:20 PM

Rasoi, new Globefish open (Cgy)

What a gorgeous day for a vigorous walk to CFM today- noted en route: Rasoi (2215 33rd Ave SW, where JoJo was) is now open. It wasn't today (Mon-Sat, dinner only from 5pm) and there was no menu visible (which oughta be illegal) but there is is. Gorgeous room with chairs the same seafoam colour as at Olives, must be a "thing." Marda Loopers, give us a review!

Also noted, but not on this walk (hey I'm only one man) is that Globefish has, as announced, taken over the space that was Shan Tung on 14 St NW, next door to their original location. I've heard it's much larger, so yeah, good on them. Original location is, I've heard, staying with the owners as a noodle place, so let's see how this pans out.

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  1. I noticed Rasoi looked ready to go as well - we walked by yesterday to stick our faces on the window - also upset to not find a posted menu!! it looks like a nice little room, we'll get there as soon as we can!!I haven't seen it open yet (only been by during the day) I'll keep you all posted!

    1. so we almost tried Rasoi last night - we walked up to the door, there's now a menu posted - it's pretty pricey! short entree list with all your meats covered but mid $30's for most items. there was also a take-away menu that i didn't really look at, I was having trouble with the prices on the regular menu. i think that if you are serving $38 lamb, you shouldn't really have take-away, the two don't really go together in my mind.

      the restaurant was about 2/3 full with one large table of older people in suits and taffeta - a bit much for a wednesday night.

      we went to globefish instead and had a delicious meal for $50 - we will go to Rasoi but probably on day more suited for taffeta :)

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      1. re: pants

        Every day is taffeta day. But jeez- I hope the value is on the plate. I was picturing something less pricey.

        Pants have you been to El's? I've been twice and both were sort of uneven- I really don't like getting cream cheese in a maki when it's not listed on the menu, gross. But the people are very nice and service is charming, and prices are good for the size of the rolls.

        1. re: John Manzo

          i'm more of a sequin girl myself...I agree, i hope the value is there too, i was really hoping for something more mid-priced.

          haven't been to El's, our neighbours have been a few times,they like it but they figure the woman might be scaring people, they said she's pretty intense :)

      2. I tried Rasoi last night. Their special purpose is to serve "seasonally-driven, Indian-inspired" cuisine. A Wednesday night, again 2/3 full, another big table all dressed up - maybe it's a regular thing here. Service was professional and earnest, bordering on intensely so, but I appreciated that they were taking their jobs seriously. They have done a good job with the room, chocolate and cream (reminds me a bit of Blink's makeover) and lots of light, although it is quite cosy.

        The menu is small and focused. I tried the mussels with coconut curry and white wine, with naan on the side. Mussels were good, sauce was tasty if a bit heavy. The naan was a disappointment: a few small wedges of something more like pita bread than naan. I went all out and had the lamb: pricey indeed at $36. A masala lamb chop, some braised lamb shank, some green beans and yellow dal, all well-presented. The vegetables were excellent, the lamb was very good as well. Not a very generous serving though, given the price. If the naan was soft and chewy and rich like you can get at most run-of-the-mill Indian restos in Calgary now, I would have ordered some to go with the lamb - I was quite surprised that there wasn't (good) bread or a small serving of rice included with the meal.

        The waiter did a fine job of pairing wines with the two courses from the small wine list (3 whites - 1 they did not have avaiable - 3 reds, and 3 types of beer - again, 1 of which they didn't have that day).

        For dessert: ras malai with pistachios, well made, and a small cup of complimentary chai.

        Overall very good quality (with the exception of the bread, you can tell that's a sore point for me) especially given that they have only been open for 4 weeks (they started lunch service just this week), and they are clearly trying hard to do a good job. I would have liked the option for some sides to round out the meal, but at these prices I would have expected a goodie or two to be thrown in besides the small cup of chai, an amuse bouche say: the prices are higher (up to 50%) than what you would pay at Vij's in Vancouver for similar food.

        I enjoyed my evening, and I may try Rasoi aagain after they have tuned up their menu, maybe see how they deal with seasonal ingredients later in the fall or early winter. But there was a part of me that missed Bistro JoJo and the value that it offered.

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        1. re: alley

          I can't eat Indian food without rice. I simply cannot.

          1. re: alley

            Stopped by Rasoi today on way home from CFM- chatted with Jash, very nice guy... and it IS open for lunch, since Tuesday. Interesting sandwiches and appies. I didn't eat since I'd just had lunch at CFM but will look forward to trying it.

          2. Did you hear anything specific about what kind of "noodle place" it is slated to become?

            I'd heard good things about Shan Tung, but had never been. Guess I'll never be able to find out for myself if its permanently closed up shop and not relocating anywhere...

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            1. re: jay_kay

              From MartiniBoys

              "The team is planning on opening a new restaurant in the old building that will be known as Muku Japanese Noodle House. Think of it as a noodley phoenix rising out of Globefish's fallen ashes. This new restaurant will focus on ramen noodle dishes, which means soup broth and noodles for all. While it already sounds a little too specific to bring in the big crowds, it should be enough to please Asian food lovers desperate for a tasty treat. I know that I flat out refuse to eat noodles without soup. It feels like a tease.—P.B."

              1. re: cancowboy

                I think a good ramen place in a good location can bring HUGE crowds here. I look forward.

                1. re: cancowboy

                  Thanks cancowboy for the additional info. I suspected it would be a Japanese ramen offering, probably to tackle the ones on Centre St.

                  Wonder if they can do anything about the parking situation there, as when Globefish got busy (eg. lunch) finding a spot was very difficult. Will be interesting to see, and hopefully open on my next visit to YYC.