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Jul 13, 2008 12:33 PM

Billy's Inn, Denver—pretty cool

Guess it just reopened under new owners. Mex-American bar-and-grill with real promise, seems to me, though I just had a bite (details on my blog, address in profile, etc.).

Burgers/tacos/quesadillas seem to be the mainstay; they also have a fair number of tequilas accompanied by sangrita (yay), pink grapefruit juice (more yay), or salt & lime. Crowd was big early.

Looking forward to returning. If anyone else has checked it out yet, would love your impressions.

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  1. My husband's friend's brother (catch that? ha ha) is the new owner and it does look great. I'm hoping for a grand re-opening of some sort.
    Also, they bought a smaller place across the street, which will be Native American fare - fry bread among other things.

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    1. Born and raised in North Denver and drank a few beers and ate a few burgers at Billy's. Was a traditional neighborhood joint but had gone to the dogs. Last time I was in Denver I drove through the old neighborhood and was sad to see the place shuttered. Glad it's getting a new lease on life.

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          44th and Lowell in North Denver

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            Thanks! I could've googled, but I think it's helpful to have the location in the discussion.

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              Jason Sheehan seems to be writing about its reopening every week!

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                Didn't ring a bell. But I haven't been reading Sheehan lately, so.

        2. TTMG- that was my old stomping ground. I loved the idea of the place but could never go in there since I'm a smoke-a-phobe in the worst way. I can't imagine they were able to change the smell of the place! Does it still smell like an ashtray filled with sour beer?

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            Ha! Well, I live with a smoker, so I may not be the best judge. But I didn't notice any lingering odor...

          2. Haven't been to Billy's for over 20 years...the cigarette smoke was horrible and it would give me a migrane. So happy to see it turned into something nice for our neighborhood. It will be nice going in there under pleasant circumstances. We are really looking forward to the Native American place. We have lots of Mexican and Italian over here, so it will be fun having something new and different..