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Jul 13, 2008 12:32 PM

Anyone tried Fang Chi? (Malaysian)

It's down on St. Antoine in St. Henri, and there's been a dumpy, never-open Asian resto at that location for a long time. Now it's nicely done up with a new sign and interior. The sign says Szechuan and Malaysian, which makes me think it says Szechuan to get people in, because Malaysian doesn't mean much to most people.

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  1. The sign may say Szechuan and Malaysian and maybe at on time the menu featured Malaysian food, but now it's very much a Cantonese restaurant with a few Szechuan dishes prepared in Cantonese style. There's nothing on the menu remotely Malaysian save for a couple of Chinese style satay dishes much like you would find in any Chinatown restaurant. They also have some Thai dishes on the menu and oddly enough their business card reads "Cuisine Széchuannaise et Thaïlandaise".

    Very confusing.

    1. Dang, I got my hopes up for nothing :(

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        I'll see your dang and raise you one shoot.


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            Baredown, it would be nice to know how often you've been and what were your favorite dishes, details, you know.

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            well, we're asking YOU: why is it so amazing? Tell us everything (but no yelling, please)

          3. Fang chi Is one of the very best Chinese delivery places I know of. I'm madly in love with their orange beef (lovely pieces of orange rind everywhere) and my better half swears by their General Tao. Their fried bananas are a treat. My best friend is enamored of their cashew chicken (it's quite good). The have 15 "Specialités de la maison" on the menu at $7.95 with eggroll and wonton soup included as well as the usual à la carte and combos. You can also order the spicy dishes to your taste pretty much (as in mild or extra spicy).
            Caveat: we're talking delivery here. This is not a top-of-the-line Chinese or Thai place but, on a cold winter night opening that brown paper bag is heavenly and the quality is quite passable.