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Jul 13, 2008 11:49 AM

Dinner Ideas for Girlfriend/Parents

My parents and my girlfriend's parents will be coming to Boston on August 15th which is also my gf's birthday. This is the first time our parents will be meeting. Restaurant week just so happens to fall on that Friday.

I know the list of restaurants participating in restaurant week has not been released, but does anyone have any ideas of places that have participated in the past and would be nice to go to?

Her parents are not adventurous eaters and so sushi is out. My parents do not like places that are loud. Would prefer to stay in Boston/Cambridge but could venture outside if there is something very nice. Other than that, I don't think we have any restrictions.

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  1. Restaurant Week is notorious for underachievement. The B-List servers tend to work due to lower tipping, you might be rushed so they can turn over the table faster to compensate for the low prices, the food is often sub par, and it can be a zoo. If you do a search of "restaurant week," you''ll find some that tend to have a better track record. Although I've never been, Pigalle sticks in my mind as one with a reputation of not lowering the bar during RW. Given the occasion, it might be wise to go to a place that doesn't participate.

    1. I would definitely say to go to the Palm, right in Copley. The location is right in the middle of everything, but the restaurant isnt too loud- its a great atmosphere. And the food is very very good. Great quality steaks, seafood, and italian food. You cannot go wrong with the Palm i dont think. They recently got a new chef too who has recieved excellent reviews! ENJOY!

      1. Can't agree with Palm...not a top tier steak house and chain to boot ( and I always think it has a funny odor) but enthusiastically support the Pigalle recommendation

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            You mean Upstairs on the Square. Great suggestion, I second it. Lively fun atmosphere, without being noisy. Excellent food.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. Upstairs at the Square looks really good.

          Anyone have any other ideas?

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            Ah, the great summit meeting! Good luck with that.

            First recommendation is to follow Pollystyrene's advice and go to a place that is NOT participating in RW. It should be much quieter than normal, because people will be squeezing into the RW places for the so-called deal. As she said, RW is sort of gimmicky and not very good in my opinion. You'll likely feel rushed.

            Second, thinking of somewhere that has good spacing and easy parking might be appreciated - how about Restaurant Dante in Cambridge? Maybe a bit too formal...and the hotel may actually make it feel like a summit meeting -

            I know where my fiancee will want to go for the same first meeting in Boston - Oleana - parking in the lot across the street - very laid back atmosphere and if you sit in the garden out back, you and GF will be like champs! Is the food there perhaps too adventurous for your folks? In my case, that would be my main concern.

            How about Rendezvous? Pretty quiet place and Striperguy just raved about his recent meal there.

            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              I had no idea there was a lot across the steet from Oleana. Now I know. And congrats on the upgrade from GF to fiancee.

              1. re: pollystyrene

                BTW, the lot is very small and holds about a dozen cars, but I believe it is dedicated for Oleana.

          2. A Great place would be Davide's On Commercial st. in the North End--This place is quaint
            with outstanding atmosphere and delicious food--You and your guests will love this Restaurant--Check it out!! Enjoy this Fine Restaurant! Italian Bella!!

            Frankie Imbergamo