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Jul 13, 2008 10:47 AM

Buying Local Seafood Off the Boat in Georgia

We're heading back to St Simons Island this summer, and we do most of our cooking at the beach house rather than eating out. We've gotten fresh shrimp at City Market, but can anyone recommend any other local markets/docks where we can get the local seafood right off the boat in Brunswick or nearby?

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  1. You'll eat much better at the beach house than in the restaurants in that area, I reckon. There's bound to be a shrimp-monger somewhere close by. I know there's one on Tybee.

    Best meal we ever ate was 2 pounds of shrimp straight off the shrimp boat on Tybee Island a few years back. Just boiled 1/2 of them in Old Bay, and grilled the other 1/2 over charcoal on the dandy little Smoky Joe grill provided by the owners of the house we were renting on Tybee. Plenty of beer, little ramekins of butter, heaven. Just sitting on the screened-in porch and peeling shrimp.

    Man, that was amazing shrimp, sweet like sugar. I figure the best shrimp in the world are caught off the coasts of SC and GA.


    1. Knight's Seafood on Bay Street. Look for city of Brunswick public works & turn right knights is to the right. Shrimp from $3.5 to $7 per lb depending on size.

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        I second Knights seafood...the family has been shrimping for several generations and always has the best seafood. And that area DOES have the best shrimp!